MOM’S COVER WATCH: November 13, 2013

It’s back to the beginning for many of our heroes and comic characters this week. So why not celebrate these beginnings in covers! The mother of all comics has gathered together the best for the week of November 13, 2013.

batgirl25BATGIRL #25
Written by Marguerite Bennett
Cover art by Alex Garner
Published by DC Comics

Whether or not you’re a fan of Alex Garner there is no denying that this artist is the king of reflective colors. The shine is on Barbara Gordon who has yet to don the cowl of Batgirl in this issue. Once again Garner has an almost photo-realistic feel to the covers. Added to that is the detail of the backgrounds, blimps, bats and of course the family standard gargoyle in the lower left-hand corner. With her short, practical hair, the young Gordon looks like she’s about to stumble onto her future.



Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Christopher Mitten
Published by Image Comics

This cover is made of many layers with just variations on four colors: red, black, white and purple. The leading lady of our books (Rascal) is center stage with the object of a demon’s desire in the center of her hands. The casting light creates a wash over the center of the cover, that cascades out. What you may not immediately recognize is that the shadow abiding demon of her nightmares is looming in the background.

That’s right! That is not a textured wall or illuminated border, but the teeth and eyes of the very demon that Rascal will be facing down in this series. Plus, the bleeding shadow of black on the bottom leaves plenty of space for the masthead without completing for it’s attention. That is always a plus.


allnewxmen18ALL-NEW X-MEN #18
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Cover art by Brandon Peterson
Published by Marvel Comics

The darkness that has over-taken the All-New X-Men, from its maniacal beginnings is finally showing on this cover by Brandon Peterson.

The black and red backgrounds do create a striking comparison. The image does help you focus on the cover from left to right while still keeping the image centered. The position falling feathers and empty suits emphasize feelings of loss for her comrades. The image has a large amount of emotional charge. However, in the end there is a simple reason why it makes it to this week’s list: it’s beautiful.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you break it down or analyze it, a work of art is just beautiful. This is one of those times.


Shaolin Cowboy #2THE SHAOLIN COWBOY #2
Written by Geof Darrow
Cover art by Geof Darrow, Dave Stewart

Speaking of just beautiful, I think Shaolin Cowboy might have to be retired from the Cover Watch. Every time Darrow puts the images from his brain on paper they result in movie poster styled masterpieces.

From the great use of color to the use of the masthead with the image, Darrow and Dave Stewart once again have created an intriguing piece. Notice how the chainsaw captures your eye and brings you across the page in a diagonal fashion? It’s bringing you straight to the action which is not just neat and tidy, but messy and showing motion all at once.



Written by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn
Art by Declan Shalvey
Published by Marvel Comics

So, Deadpool goes off the deep end… of the emotional spectrum. Now all those connections to heroes from across the Marvel Universe are coming into view. This time it’s literal on this month’s cover. The jokes and the comments that have been building to a head during the “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” arc are showing themselves here.

The background looks to be a clean black, however there is a highlight in the middle where the connections are coming out of Deadpool’s back and these image screens are illuminating the area around them. Plus there are shadows of other screens not facing toward the outside of the cover. It’s tiny details like these that have helped the Deadpool covers be outstanding these last few months.


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