MOM’S COVER WATCH: October 1, 2014

The mother of all comics takes a look at the most mesmerizing covers for the week of October 1, 2014 in this week’s Cover Watch.

angelandfaith10ANGEL & FAITH #10
Cover art by Scott Fischer
Published by Dark Horse Comics

With red and golden strands this cover looks haunting, beautiful and a touch on the creepy side all at once. Amy the Rat is back, with her literal spirit animal bathed in red. There is a vast array of colors on this cover, from pinks and greens to skin towns and the glow of candles. However, the orb, the carpet, the wine and the rat of red bathe and take over the view with such a strong fervor. Balanced out by the darker tones on the stop with the touches of red through the masthead creates a visually stunning piece.
Cover art by Joelle Jones
Published by Oni Press

The textured background glowing green against the vision of the undead and alive in the front helps to make this cover visual stimulating. Jones is known for creating engrossing women whom you cannot take your eyes away from… even if they should not be alive. By placing them in the lower third they create they should create an off-balance feeling. However, the image of the fight in the background helps to create the symmetry necessary. The warriors on either side just behind them in the trees with glowing swords also help to provide additional points of light along with the glowing eyes and the sparkle on the cloak ties.

batmansupermanBATMAN/SUPERMAN #14
Cover art by Jae Lee
Published by DC Comics

This combination may have broken my brain.

But, it’s so lovely.

But, It’s Catwoman and Superman!

Batman’s hand in the background… ha!

Cover art by Phil Noto
Published by Marvel Comics

This is the ultimate team-up, in the most respectful way possible. Sure they are in cocktail dresses, but look how buff and toned they are. Black Widow and X-23 are shown to be the physically fit and capable heroes they need to be, with muscular arms and determined faces. It’s amazing how a cover that could have easily been exploitative with the cut of that dress has instead turned into a rather perfect statement. They are there ready to play, but for them it is not a gamble.

CriticalHit-cover-001d_1200px-662x1024CRITICAL HIT #1
Variant cover by Rod Reis
Published by Black Mask Studios

Here is another dynamic pair. There is a multitude of absolutely gorgeous variant covers for this book, including one from the previously discussed Phil Noto. However, it is this cover by Rod Reis that takes the Cover Watch. From the hair slowly melding into the forest, the hunt taking the center bottom attention the whole display is haunting, alluring and frightening. Sets the perfect tone for the story found inside.


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