MOMS COVER WATCH: October 16, 2013

The mother of all comics… is tired. After four days of comic convention madness, Jessica Boyd was about ready to throw in the towel. Then she remembered: comics are fun and so are the covers! So, here are some of the more intriguing covers for the week of October 16, 2013.

batwoman24BATWOMAN #24
Written by J. H. Williams and Haden Blackman
Cover Art by J. H. Williams
Published by DC Comics

The end of an era for Batwoman as the face-off between Kane and Wayne comes to a head on the cover of this issue. Light and dark, negative space and red currents are all balanced out in a yin/yang format without the traditional curved symbol. In fact, lighting is striking this cover literally and figuratively with the switching perspectives and full on action.




birdsofprey24BIRDS OF PREY #24
Written by Christy Marx
Cover art by Jorge Molina
Published by DC Comics

HE’S BAAAACCCK! No, not Johnny, but Kurt.

The pink tones that outline and shape Black Canary also shower over her husband, who is very much alive, despite reports otherwise. It’s this glow that provides a cohesion to the piece. Molina creates a great amount of detail in the faces and postures, to provide a full on feeling of the trouble Canary is going through here.

The containment unit also provides a great outline to bring the eye down through the image.


avengerassemble20AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #20
Written by Al Ewing
Cover art by Jorge Molina
Published by Marvel Comics

Well, Molina does it again. However, this time it’s the Uncanny Avengers fighting a giant hand.

The action is clear and shines bright with debris and action against the light background. Scarlet Witch creates a great dynamic to bring you across Wonder Man’s feat of strength. If the cover actually reflects what is on the inside panels, there is plenty of action to be had with this Infinity tie-in.
xmenlegacy18X-MEN LEGACY #18
Written by Simon Spurrier
Cover art by Mike Del Mundo
Published by Marvel Comics

It pops.

It works pastels in a fun fashion.

The Uncanny X-men taking center stage and standing out against Legion’s big brain. Metaphor abounds and fun is sure to be had.

strainthefall4STRAIN: THE FALL #4
Written by David Lapham
Cover art by Dan Jackson and E.M. Gist
Published by Dark Horse Comics

This cover has a dark, creepy tone that overtakes you the second you lay eyes on it. Light streaming down from where the masthead/title of the book will be placed. The figures however, are placed in a rather nontraditional position. Instead of being diagonal from one another to bring your eye down or across, they are almost in a semi-circle format. With only one figure in full view the chill factors rise and what awaits inside becomes even more intriguing.




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