MOM’S COVER WATCH: October 30, 2013

After taking her first week off in who knows how long, the mother of all comics is ready to seek out some of the most beautiful covers the week has to offer in MOM’S COVER WATCH.

captainamericalivinglegend2CAPTAIN AMERICA LIVING LEGEND #2
Written by Andy Diggle
Cover Art by Adi Granov
Published by Marvel Comics

The Cap always seems to show up in the most poster-worthy images. This latest cover from Adi Granov is no exception.

Trees, snow, blood. Captain America’s body acts as a natural way to draw your eyes down to the patch on the ground. The crouched body seems ready to spring into action, creating tension without showing any movement. Occasionally you see comic covers that could double as video game cover images. This has that feeling, with a fight that’s about to go down, hard.


smallville season 11 special 3SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 SPECIAL #3
Written by Bryan Q. Miller
Cover Art by Cat Staggs
Published by DC Comics

Isn’t he lovely?

I could push some lines about the dramatic red background face or the reflected light on Luthor’s head. I could go on about the beautiful rendering of the suit and how all the lines create circular patterns to create added dimension, that I’m sure is even more startling on paper than it is digitally.

However, let’s face it, this version inspired by actor Michael Rosenbaum is just hot.

Sorry, having a fangirling moment here. Can’t promise it won’t happen again.

five-ghosts06FIVE GHOSTS #6
Written by Frank J. Barbiere
Cover art by Garry Brown
Published by Image Comics

There is no mistaking the work of Garry Brown.

Even for those who are not familiar with his take on Superman or X-Men, his style is The Massive. Through the Brian Wood catastrophe book, he has been introduced to a whole group with a semi-realistic style that works best with watercolor style shading and muted colors. Perhaps that’s why this cover, introducing the newest arc of Five Ghosts trip to Japan, works so well.

Without even reading the solicit you can tell the issue is going to be all about a girl, a sword, and a distant land from where the series was originally set.


ash&thearmyofdarkness1ASH AND THE ARMY OF DARKNESS #1
Written by Steve Niles
Cover art by Ben Templesmith
Published by Dynamite Comics

Ben Templesmith has created an aura about him for being the artist for afterlife cover specialties. It might be the liquid, glowing background. Or, perhaps it’s the sallow faces that scream of desperation to meet their goal. Of course, in this case, the ominous skull throne doesn’t hurt either.

This cover takes it a step further by adding a beautiful image of Bruce Campbell, making it look like Ash without holding itself to a strict interpretation of his appearance in the movie. The hair is a touch longer, the expression just a little more serious. Our hero is living with the mistakes he’s made. Humor might be around the corner, however the horror elements thrive in this image.


adventuretimespooktacular1ADVENTURE TIME 2013 SPOOOKTACULAR #1
Written by Bryce Carlson & Various
Cover art by Becky Dreistadt
Published by BOOM Studios

It’s the most spooktacular time of the year.

With the skulls all a glowing and screams and the growning; you’ll turn ash with the fear!

It’s the most SPOOOKTACULAR time of the year.

Plus, anytime you put Finn and Jake into a slightly wonky and out-of-the-box setting, they seem even more right at home. The shading and the depth of this cover add to the ambiance of making it fun and perfect for reading the night before Halloween.




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