POETIC LICENSE: September 26, 2018

The following poems of various formats could contain spoilers for Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor #0, Heroes In Crisis #1, Justice League Odyssey #1, and Man-Eaters #1While poetry is interpretive, read at your own risk.


King, Mann, Morey – DC Comics

I’m Just Warming Up

I’m just warming up
But, by the end, blame flies high
Sanctuary void


Williamson, Sejic – DC Comics

Adventures In Theism

So, you and your friends are gods.
What are the odds?
Fighting space monsters
Flirting and sporty
Anyone know the relationship status of Kori?
Oh, wait, Darkseid takes control.


Cain, Niemczyk, Rosenberg, Caramagna, Miternique – Image Comics

Cat Chat

Have you and your daughter had “the chat?”
Is she at risk of being a cat?
Can she tear a man limb from limb?
Can she shred him from his skin?
Have you given her more hormones than necessary?
… to make sure she never becomes big and hairy?
Heaven forbid autonomy takes its course.

Women are deadly… you know?


Dinnick, Laclaustra, Sposito, Williamson, Florean, Zanfardino, Edwards, Qualano, Ianniciello, Stott, Cabrera, Matera, Lima, Comicraft – Titan Comics

Doctor, I Let You Go

Barbara, Ian, Susan
Is that you?
Though my eyes are full of tears, I hear your voices.

Jamie, Polly, Ben
Are we ready to play a hand?

Sarah, Romana, Tegan, Turlough, Nyssa, Perry, Ace, Josie, Dorium, Rose & Jack, Gabby & Cindy, Alice & River

Beloved Bill

Will the future be female?
Yes, it surely will.
I used to think, “I can only hope.”
Now, I know I can do more through personal change.


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