Preview: ACTIONVERSE #1 (Part 6)

ACTIONVERSE #1 (part 6 of 6)

Writer(s): Vito Delsante
Artist Name(s): Steve Walker
Color Artist(s): Wilson Ramos Jr
Cover Artist(s): Steve Walker (regular cover), Ron Frenz/Marc Deering/Ross Campbell/David Bednarski (connecting variant cover)

This is it! The fight for the survival of the Actionverse is here! Only one man has the ability to stop him…and it’s NOT one of our heroes! Will Medulla help or will he show his true colors? And not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary tale…one of our heroes DIES!

32 pgs. / Rated. A / FC $3.99 (reg.)/ $4.99 (var.)

Actionverse_06_Digital-1 Actionverse_06_Digital-2 Actionverse_06_Digital-4 Actionverse_06_Digital-5 Actionverse_06_Digital-6 Actionverse_06_Digital-7 Actionverse_06_Digital-8


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