PREZ Wins Best Comic Book at the Reuben Awards



The National Cartoonist Society’s (NCS) honored artist Ben Caldwell’s work on the fan-favorite series PREZ at its annual Reuben Awards, giving the series the Best Comic Book Award!

DC Entertainment offers a big congratulations to the PREZ team, including Caldwell, writer Mark Russell and artists Jeremy Lawson and Mark Morales for the win of this prestigious award.

Now in its 70th year, the Reuben Awards honor the outstanding achievements of professionals in the world of cartooning. Celebrating creators in a variety of facets including newspaper strips, TV animation, gag cartoons, comic books and more, the NCS honors the accomplishments of everyone in the cartooning profession with the Annual Reuben Awards.

Serving as the world’s largest and most respected organization of professional cartoonists, NCS focuses on the advanced standards of professional cartooning, the promotion and exchange of all sectors of the cartooning industry, and the encouragement of general acceptance of cartooning as an art by artists, students and the general public.

PREZ features Beth Ross, a nineteen-year-old Twitter sensation that becomes the first teenaged President of the United States.

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