Queer Webcomic STRANGELORE Launches Print Edition on Kickstarter

Writer Viktor T. Kerney has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his queer supernatural webcomic called StrangeLore.

StrangeLore is created and written by Viktor T. Kerney, with art by Antonio Brandao, and colors by Terry Blas and Scott Green.

In StrangeLore, a tragic incident forces 19-year-old Brandon Hanks to leave Chicago and to live with his grandmother in a sleepy southern town. As he settles into his new home, Brandon meets the cavalier and handsome Jackson Garrett. The chemistry between the two boys is instantaneous. However, things become complicated when Brandon discovers that Jackson is a descendant of an ancient mythical race, hiding from his dark and deadly past.

“I created this story because I wanted to see queer characters of color at the forefront, said Kerney. “We deserve to see ourselves in supernatural and fantasy genres.”

StrangeLore combines fantasy, horror, and romance for all comic book fans. It features two queer characters, Brandon and Jackson, who are navigating through a complex world filled with magic and reality. You can read StrangeLore for free on Tapas.

Viktor T. Kerney is a writer, activist and a PRISM Comics board member. He is also the co-host and co-creator of MEGASHEEN, a podcast on geekdom and queer culture from a QPOC perspective. StrangeLore is the first comic/graphic novel he has written. It’s his love letter to all of the things he truly adores: comics, supernatural tales, and queer stories.

Pledge to the StrangeLore Kickstarter here!


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