Read Between The Lines: History of the DC Universe 3.0

As I have mentioned frequently on the podcast I co-host, We Talk Comics, I am very engaged with DC’s New 52 but think it would have been better served to have offered up a variation of the History of the DC Universe that followed the reboot of Crisis on Infinite Earths and the History back-ups in 52 that followed the lesser reboot of Infinite Crisis. Since DC is not going to create one, I took it upon myself to lead the way.

This timeline could not have been created with the amazing support of a team of Twitter folk: @FotoCub, @ScarlettMi, @craiggav, and @MayhemComics. 739 comics were published in The New 52 as of the end of September 2012. Each issue had to be reread and notes assembled. Even more impressive is that this timeline is trimmed down from what was supplied by these supportive DC fans.

A special thanks to Gail Simone, Dan Jurgens, James Robinson and Rob Liefeld who contributed a couple of key details through Twitter.

All effort was made to make this timeline complete and accurate. If we missed anything or there’s an interpretation you do not agree with, please comment and I will tweak it as I see fit. I will not be adding subsequent information. If I learned anything from this project it is that DC will not serve themselves well in the long term by continuing to put specific times to anything in the recent history. DC Comics continuity exists in an eternal “now.” This is a snapshot of where we are 13 months into the New 52.

– Keith Callbeck. Co-host of We Talk Comics. Follow on Twitter @CubReporterK

History of the DC Universe 3.0

Early History
20th Century
21st Century
Recent Past
General References
Earth 2 Timeline
Assumptions & Inconsistencies

Early History

Billions of Years

  • The Big Bang (Stormwatch #2)
  • Adam One (Merlin) is born and destined to age backwards. (Stormwatch #2)
  • The Guardians of Oa create the Manhunters, imprision the First Lantern, create the Green Lantern Corps. (Green Lantern Annual #1)

– 1,000,000,000 Years

  • Invictus faces off against Larfleeze and disappears into a hole in the universe. Invictus has been awaiting revenge on Larfleeze all this time. (Green Lantern: New Guardians #6, #12)

2681 BCE

  • Alien gods devastate Egypt before being captured and contained by humanity. (Shade #9)

1279 – 1213 BCE

  • During the era of Ramses II in Egypt, the Van Helsings form to fight vampires. (I, Vampire #10)

-3000 years

  • Hellspont and his allies plant the metagene in humans. (Superman Annual #1)

1st Century BCE

  • A young girl living in the Parthian Empire (modern-day Iraq) named Laodice uses an arcane sundial (apparently an early version of the H dial) to become a superhero named Bumper Carla and defeat a dragon. The dial is destroyed in the battle. Years later, Bumper Carla crosses dimensions of her own accord and kills Laodice. (Dial H #0)

– 1500 years

  • Merlin (Adam One) trains new mages Jason (Blood) of Norwich and Nimue (Madame Xanadu). (Demon Knights #8)
  • Merlin (Adam One) binds Jason Blood to the Demon Etrigan. King Arthur and the land of Camelot fall. (Demon Knights #1)

-1190 years

  • Jason Blood and Madame Xanadu meet Vandal Savage in Brigantia. (Demon Knights #1)

-1100 years

  • The Demon Knights form, consisting of Etrigan, Madam Xanadu, Vandal Savage, Exoristos, the Shining Knight, the Horsewoman and Al Jabr, in Little Spring, on the outskirts of Alba Sarum. (Demon Knights #1)


  • “Century baby” Princess Janeen trained by Merlin, joins the Demon Knights. (Stormwatch #0)

12th century

  • “Century baby” Countess Jeannie misuses her power and is disposed of by the Shadow Lords. (Stormwatch #0)
  • Remaining Neanderthals organize and become the Hidden People. (Stormwatch #11)


  • “Century baby” Sister J has an affair with Merlin. (Stormwatch #0)


  • Daemonites first attack Earth. They are fought back by Sister J and her allies. This team will begin referring to themselves as Stormwatch. (Stormwatch #0)


  • The Hidden People destroy a Crusader castle in order to keep a Devolver away from Stormwatch. (Stormwatch #11)

– 500 years

  • The Vitruvian Man operates out of Rome, Italy as a member of an earlier Stormwatch. (Stormwatch #9)


  • John Dee designs a magic circle to keep the demon Choronzon away. (Justice League Dark #5)


  • The fourth Shadow Lord disappears from the Island of Avalon, home of the masters of Stormwatch. (Stormwatch #12)


  • * Andrew Bennett is possessed by the spirit of Cain and becomes a vampire. (I, Vampire #0)

– 400 years

  • Andrew Bennett turns Mary Seward into a vampire. (I, Vampire #1)


  • The mad psychic Kassandra Fey is visited by time-traveller Baron Winters in prison. (Night Force #2)


  • Ephraim Newhouse retired as Talon after he kills 10 soldiers who had seen him. (Catwoman #9)


  • Kassandra Fey in Barbados (Night Force #6)

– 250 years

  • Lu-Kreeza and Khaji-Kai begin providing their faithful service to The Reach. (Blue Beetle #2)


  • Stormwatch debates going public as an organization, leading to the French and Indian War. (Stormwatch #10)


  • Court of Owls tasks Talon to murder a Continential army spy. (Batman and Robin #9)


  • Stormwatch manages to re-bury proof and remove memory of their existence from the world. (Stormwatch #10)


  • George Washington encounters a dark force in the woods near his home and dies the following day. (Night Force #2)

– 200+ years

  • Condor joins the War Circle, an organization formed by multiple Avatars of War. (Hawk and Dove #4)


  • The monster known as Frankenstein is created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. (Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #0)


  • Frankenstein walks 10,000 miles to the Amazon, recruited by S.H.A.D.E. (Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #0)


  • First Daily Planet building, a three-story converted warehouse, is built. (Superman #1)


  • Richard Swift meets the “bad dwarf” Simon Culp and becomes The Shade. (Shade #12)


  • Talon Henry Ballard is active in Gotham. (Birds of Prey #9)


  • A mysterious figure known as “O” begins to work independently and in secret with Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Daniel Drawbaugh, Antonio Meucci, Philipp Reis, and Elisha Gray on the invention of the telephone. O is, in fact, working on the invention of the “H” dial. (Dial H #3)


  • Harrison Fairchilde murdered and his wife Ada abducted by Simon the Gatherer. (Night Force #3)


  • The Spanish heroine La Sangre is born and transformed into a vampire by pirates after a rescue from the Shade. (Shade #5)


  • Alexander Staunton retired as Talon due to erratic behaviour. (Batwing #9)


  • “Century baby” Jenny Freedom escapes from a slave plantation. (Stormwatch #0)


  • The Shade travels to Australia by ship for the first time. (Shade #3)


  • Alexander Graham Bell receives his patent for the telephone. O has disappeared, and, it is assumed, has completed work on the H dial. (Dial H #3)


  • Yanmei Tsen becomes the Barbary Ghost after the murder of her father. (All-Star Western #4-6)


  • Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham tenuously work together in Gotham City. Other Gotham contemporaires include Mayor Cobblepot, Alan Wayne, Wayne Casino, Nighthawk and Cinnamon, the Court of Owls and followers of the Crime Bible (All Star Western #1-12)


  • Terrance 13 battles the Haunted Highwayman. (All Star Western #11)


  • Alan Wayne builds the original Wayne Tower, which includes 12 gargoyles that symbolically protect visitors to Gotham. (Batman #2)


  • A large-scale incursion into our world by The Rot is fought back by Jacob Mullin, avatar of the Red, and Jack Crow, avatar of the Green, in Manitoba, Canada. (Animal Man Annual #1)


  • Arcane murders Jack Crow in Manitoba, Canada. (Swamp Thing #0)

20th Century


  • “Century baby” Jenny Sparks born (Stormwatch #0)


  • The Shade sees his wife, from afar, for the last time before she dies after battling a demon. (Shade #4)


  • The Shade travels to Skartaris with science-hero Waldo Glenmorgan. (Shade #4)


  • Bess Swift, wife of the Shade, dies. (Shade #8)


  • William Cobb’s father dies, leading to Cobb’s eventual recruitment as a Talon. (Nightwing #8)

“Almost 100 years”

  • The West Harlow Subway station is built. (Batman: Dark Knight #8)


  • Alan Wayne dies in a fall down an open manhole, claiming he is being chased by owls. (Batman #3)


  • La Sangre battles the Inquisitor. (Shade #7)


  • Henry Wayne leads renovations on Wayne Tower including the addition of a 13th gargoyle, symbolically protecting visitors to Gotham coming by air. (Batman #2)


  • Serial killer Simon Tallman is active in Chicago. (Night Force #3)


  • Madam Fatal’s daughter disappears. (Shade #4)

– 80 years ago

  • Lennox (Diana’s half-brother and Zeus’ son) is born. (Wonder Woman #5)


  • The detective hero Quixote debuts in Barcelona to battle crime. (Shade #6)


  • Frankenstein fights in Project Green Man over England. Japanese-built JAKE robot is recruited by S.H.A.D.E. (Men of War #8)


  • RAF pilot Calbraith A.H. Rogers crashes his plane, and is recruited by the Parliment of Trees as an avatar of the Green (Swamp Thing). (Swamp Thing #2)

– 70 years

  • Frankenstein marries the Lady Frankenstein. (Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1)


  • Judge Michael Rawson is born (sleeper agent of Choke). (Birds of Prey #3)


  • Tuskegee Airmen pilot Roscoe Hynes’ plane disappears due to a flux in the speed force. He takes the name Turbine and begins causing fluxes in time. (The Flash #8)
  • La Sangre battle the original Inquisitor, to his apparent death. (Shade #5)
  • The Shade teams up with southwest hero the Vigilante and Madam Fatal to stop Nazis and acquire information on the location of Madam Fatal’s daughter. (Shade #4)
  • Agents of Stormwatch Archie Trundle (Engineer), Luna, Big Band and Von Z are massacred by the Hidden People. (Stormwatch #11)
  • The Japanese government uses school children to craft “fire balloons” to send overseas to bomb America’s west coast. (Batgirl #9)


  • The Court of Owls visits Haly’s Circus and chooses a young aerialist girl named Mary with a bandaged face to become the next Talon. (Batgirl #9)
  • James Duffy, Jr. is born. (Night Force #2)


  • La Sangre disappears from the earth. (Shade #6)


  • Frankenstein fights alongside JAKE robot for S.H.A.D.E. in Korea. (Men of War #8)


  • Quixote battles the Inquisitor. (Shade #6)


  • James Duffy investigates the disappearance of Carole Dutton. (Night Force #2)


  • James Duffy is killed by shadow demons in front of his son. (Night Force #4)


  • The Spawn of Frankenstein is born at S.H.A.D.E. headquarters in Slaughter Swamp. (Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #8)

– 50 years

  • Harmon Island stops being inhabited. (Batman: Dark Knight #4)


  • Barcelona hero Quiixote passes away after battling cancer. (Shade #6)


  • S.H.A.D.E. dispatches Frankenstein and Duane Maillet (code-named Colonel Quantum) to Vietnam to assist U.S. Forces. (Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #6)


  • Thaddeus Filmore films a cyclone in India, inspiring him to being researching the metaphysical. (The Ray #1)


  • Professor John Troughton and Andrew Bennett meet in San Francisco. (I, Vampire #3)

– 33 years

  • A young woman with the last name of Wald finds a copy of “Liber Kenosis” and begins studying nullomancy. (Dial H #4)

– 30 years

  • Alton, a young circus performer, is badly burned in a fire then recruited as Talon. (Detective Comics #9)
  • Lobo crashes on Earth and is captured in an unconscious state. (Deathstroke #9, 11)
  • Wald, now 17, hears rumors that Nihil Ambulans have been brought to Earth and trapped. She begins to study neurology with the goal of using brain dead patients (empty minds) as a conduit for nothingness. She eventually becomes a doctor and adopts the identity Ex Nihilo. (Dial H #4)


  • Keith MacLean (sleeper agent of Choke) is born. (Birds of Prey #3)

– 28 years

  • Eric Beetner (sleeper agent of Choke) is born. (Birds of Prey #5)

– 26 years

  • Kassidy Sage (nee Savage) is born. (DC Universe Presents #9: Savage)

– 25 years

  • Joe Rock is born. (Men of War #2)

– 23 years

  • Priscilla Kitaen is born in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana to Maribeth Kitaen. (Voodoo #4)
  • Diana (Wonder Woman) is born. (Wonder Woman #11)

– 21 years

  • Hank Hall (Hawk) is born. (Hawk and Dove #5)
  • Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) is born. (Gail Simone)

– 20 years

  • Lord Battle seals the borders after leading a revolution to seize control of the nation of Tundi. (Batwing #11)
  • (approx) Kate and Beth Kane are kidnapped and their mother murdered. Beth is presumed dead. (Batwoman #1)
  • James Gordon Jr. is born. (Batgirl #8)
  • Sgt. Rock’s medal of honour stolen from the home of 5-year old Joe Rock and his mother. (Men of War #2)

– 19 years

  • Maribeth Kitaen dies in a house fire and all record of Priscilla (age four) disappears. (Voodoo #4)
  • Dawn Granger (Dove) is born. (Hawk and Dove #5)

– 18 years

  • Zoe Davis is born. (Night Force #1)

– 17 years

  • Cassie Sandsmark is born. (Teen Titans #1)
  • Amy Winston is born. (Sword of Sorcery #0)

– 16 years

  • Jon “The Vandal” Savage locked up in Belle Reve for a spree killing. (DC Universe Presents #9: Savage)
  • Tig Rafelson is born. (I, Vampire #5)
  • Virgil Hawkins is born. (Static Shock #1)
  • Paco Testas is born. (Blue Beetle #4)
  • Jamaal Mason is born. (Mr Terrific #1)

– 15 years

  • Billy Batson is born. (Justice League #8)
  • Barbara Gordon begins studying self defense at age 6. (Batgirl #0, Gail Simone)
  • Brenda Del Vecchio is born. (Blue Beetle #1)

21st Century


  • Jenny Quantum, the current “century baby,” is born. (Stormwatch #1-12, 0)

– 11 years

  • David Zavimbe (Batwing) and his one year younger brother, Isaac, are child soldiers known as the Dragonflies in warlord General Keita’s Army of the Dawn. (Batwing #3, 8)


  • David Graves publishes The Secret History of Atlantis, in consultation with Dr. Stephen Shin. (Justice League #3)

– 11 years

  • Diana presents her mother with the egg of Harpy to mark Diana’s 12th birthday. The same day, Diana spars with Aleka and begins training with War. (Wonder Woman #0)

– 10 years

  • Diana battles the Minotaur. (Wonder Woman #0)
  • Bruce Wayne trains in the Himalyas. (Detective Comics #0)
  • John Corben begins training to use Experiment Warsuit Metal-Zero. (Action Comics #3)
  • David Zavimbe spends two years unable to sleep through the night due to traumatic nightmares. (Batwing #5)
  • Tig’s father is turned into a vampire and attempts to kill her. (I, Vampire #4)
  • Brenda Del Vecchio and Paco Testas (and presumably Jaime Reyes) are in kindergarten together. (Blue Beetle #1)
  • Cyborg’s mother dies. (The New 52 Free Comic Book Day edition)
  • * Damien Wayne born (Batman and Robin #1) Note: Batman and Robin #0 puts this one year earlier.


  • The Unknown Soldier’s family is killed in the London bombings. Note: This may be an implanted memory (G.I. Combat #1)

– 7 years

  • Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham, having completed his training. (Detective Comics #0)

– 6 years

  • Aquaman’s father dies. The Others is founded. (Aquaman #8)
  • Aquaman encounters Vulko, learns the story of his mother, and first visits Atlantis (Aquaman #0)
  • Three months after returning to Gotham, Bruce Wayne fights crime in secret from a brownstone near crime alley. Bruce fights the Red Hood Gang, but not yet in costume. Philip Kane is running Wayne Enterprises. (Batman #0)
  • The Joker commits his first murder as The Joker. He murders 114 people before the start of the New 52. (Detective Comics #1)
  • Victor Fries begins work at Wayne Enterprises. (Batman Annual #1)
  • Alec Holland completes his trials of the bio-restorative formula. Arcane murders Holland, his wife and his research team. The Parliment of Trees copies Holland to become their new avatar of the Green, Swamp Thing. (Swamp Thing #0)

– 5-6 years

  • Superman is active in Metropolis with limited powers. (Action Comics #1)

– 5 ½ years

  • Clark Kent meets Jimmy Olsen. Superman is first publicly seen. (Action Comics #1)

– 5 years

  • Brainiac attacks Metropolis, shrinking the city and its inhabitants. Superman acquires his indestructible suit. (Action Comics #1-4, 7, 8; Supergirl #12)
  • Barry Allen becomes the Flash. Barry’s guardian, Daryl Frye, becomes a police captain. (The Flash #6, 0)
  • Darkseid’s forces attack Earth Prime. (Justice League #1-6)
  • Victor Stone is fatally injured in a parademon attack at STAR Labs, leading his father to use Red Room technology and transform him into the hero Cyborg. (Justice League #4)
  • Justice League forms after repelling Darkseid and his Parademon invasion. (Justice League #1-6)
  • Fledgling Blackhawks team fights parademons during the Apocalypse invasion. A Lieutenant is captured and infected with nanocytes, turning her into Mother Machine. (DC Universe Presents #0: Blackhawks)
  • Amanda Waller stops a terrorist attack by Basilisk. Team 7 forms, including Dinah (nee Drake) and Kurt Lance, Deathstroke, Grifter, and Amanda Waller in its ranks. (Team 7 #0)
  • Daniel Balogun was an active member of the team known as The Kingdom which existed for a five year period. (Batwing #1, 6)
  • The most recent building, which includes a hidden floor for the Court of Owls, completes construction in Gotham City. (Batman #3)
  • Dick Grayson tours with Haley’s Circus in Iowa. (Nightwing #3)
  • Calvin Rose, in hiding from the Court of Owls, battles the Talon (Talon #0)
  • Commissioner Gordon creates the bat-signal. (Batman #0)
  • Tim Drake turns in his headmaster at Graystone Academy for embezzlement. (Batman #0)
  • Jason Todd is involved in an armed robbery, in which his partner kills a bystander. (Batman #0)
  • Dick Grayson performs with the Flying Graysons in Gotham City. (Batman #0)
  • The previous Animal Man dies in battle with Arcane in the Congo. The next avatar has not yet been born, so her father, Buddy Baker, is chosen as a temporary replacement. (Animal Man #0)
  • Deathstroke’s wife dies. (Deathstroke #9)
  • The vampire population temporarily goes quiet in their war against humanity. (I, Vampire #3)
  • Cadmus Industries is founded as a stem cell research center. (O.M.A.C. #1)
  • A Daemonite is sighted underwater off the coast of Florida. (Grifter #3)

– 59 months

  • Helena Wayne breaks into Wayne Enterprises coffers to fund her and Karen Starr’s continued existence on a new world. (Worlds’ Finest #1)

– 58 months

  • Helena Wayne and Karen Starr compare notes in Paris on the differences between Earth 2 and their newfound home. (Worlds’ Finest #2)

– 4 ½ years

  • Animal Man becomes a celebrity super-hero and maintains no secret identity. (Animal Man #0)

– 4 years

  • The Talon named Alton first encounters Batman. (Batman: Dark Knight #9)
  • Barbara Gordon and James Gordon Jr are almost taken hostage by cult leader Harry X. Barbara wears a Bat costume for the first time. (Batgirl #0)
  • Charise Carnes (Knightfall) murders her family at age 16. (Batgirl #10)
  • Maxine Baker is born. (Animal Man #2)
  • David Graves, author of Justice League: Gods Among Men, reportedly takes his life after the death of his family. He embarks on his villain’s journey (Justice League #9, 12)
  • Hank and Don Hall are granted the powers of Hawk and Dove by the Gods of War and Peace. (Hawk and Dove #1)
  • Cash Cole keeps a low profile with small scale cons including three-card monty. (Grifter #2)

– 45 months

  • In London, Helena Wayne procures dossiers on the Batman, Robin and Superman of their adopted home to share with Karen Starr. She continues to perform tests on an artifact that came through the Boom Tube with them. (Worlds’ Finest #3)
  • Helena Wayne and Karen Starr meet in Rome and beat up some aggressors. Helena is inspired to become the Huntress. (Worlds’ Finest #4)

– 3 years

  • Tinasha police officer David Zavimbe struggles to deal with the corruption on the force. (Batwing #6)
  • Barbara Gordon retires at Batgirl to focus on her studies. (Batgirl #0)
  • The Joker appears at the home of Commissioner Gordon and shoots his daughter Barbara, damaging her spinal cord and leaving her without the use of her legs. (Batgirl #1)
  • David Graves reaches the Pamir Mountains of Central Asia and encounters the Asuras. (Justice League #10)
  • Kurt Lance encourages Dinah (Black Canary) not to fear her powers and tells her she can control them. (Birds of Prey #10)
  • Black Canary allegedly kills her husband, Kurt Lance. (Birds of Prey #8)
  • America tests Professor Martin Stein’s initial Firestorm Protocols on its first subject to failure, resulting in the creature known as Helix. (Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #3)
  • Joe Rock gets married. (Men of War #2)
  • Mitch Shelley leads a team of soldiers outside Basra, testing their tektite enhanced soldier process. Deathstroke accompanies the team as private security. In the process, Shelley is wounded and injected with the tektites. (Resurrection Man #5) *Resurrection Man #0 erroneously places this – 5 years.

– 2 years

  • Charise Carnes (Knightfall) is sentenced to Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. (Batgirl #11)
  • Claudio Mardon, brother of the Weather Wizard, murdered. (The Flash #10)
  • Karen Starr has a fully functioning company set in Micronesia, managed by her assistant Somya. (Worlds’ Finest #3)
  • Don Hall (Dove) loses his life in the worst crisis the world had ever known. (Hawk and Dove #1)
  • Dawn Granger appears to Hawk as his partner, the new Dove, to battle Kestral. (Hawk and Dove #1, 5)
  • Joe Rock’s wife dies. (Men of War #2)
  • Grifter freed from reprogramming process by Warick. (Grifter #0)
  • Checkmate operative Rocker Bonn (The Amazing Man) disappeared after undergoing extensive experimentation by Cadmus. (O.M.A.C. #2)
  • Virgil Hawkins gains powers, active as Static. (Static Shock #7)
  • Maxwell Lord struggles with his partnership with Brother Eye. Kevin Kho is injected with the O.M.A.C. virus. (DC Universe Presents #0: O.M.A.C.)

– 1 ½ years

  • The Flash’s Rogues (Trickster, Weather Wizard, Heatwave and Captain Cold) have a bank robbery foiled by the Flash. They make a deal with an unknown individual who radically alters their powers and give powers to Cold’s sister Lisa Snart (Glider). (The Flash Annual #1)
  • Corporal Joe Rock’s father is on life support in Brooklyn. (Men of War #1)
  • Randall Wildman joins the Blackhawks. (Blackhawks #7)
  • On Damien Wayne’s 10th birthday, he finally learns who his father is. (Batman and Robin #0)

Recent Past

– 1 year

  • Dick Grayson becomes Gotham’s Batman for approximately a year. (Nightwing #1)
  • James Gordon finds a South African clinic that admits Barbara, ultimately performing procedures and rehab that return the use of her legs. (Batgirl #4)
  • Alec Holland returns from the dead. (Swamp Thing #0)
  • Christopher Freeman dies, returns to life with the power to speak to the dead. (National Comics: Eternity #1)
  • David Zavimbe begins working as a vigilante. Batman makes initial contact with him. (Batwing #6)
  • Katana’s husband is murdered by the Yakuza. (Birds of Prey #2)
  • Choke begins creating sleeper agents in Gotham City. (Birds of Prey #6)
  • Poison Ivy is unsuccessful in her attack on an oil-rig off the coast of Louisiana. (Birds of Prey #12)
  • Black Spider fights the drug dealing gang the Swamp Angels in the sewers of Gotham City. (Suicide Squad #10)
  • Dove begins dating Deadman. (Hawk and Dove #5)
  • Kirrt is recruited into the Green Lantern Corps. (Green Lantern Corps #7)
  • Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor break up. (Justice League #12)
  • Professor Stein makes contact with Jason Rusch and other science prodigies to discuss his research into the Firestorm Protocols. (Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #2)
  • Mitch Shelley’s father dies. (Resurrection Man #2)
  • First rumored sighting of the hero Apollo (Stormwatch #1)
  • Jaime began having feelings for Brenda. (Blue Beetle #6)

– 10 months

  • Professor Lao is turned into “Stopwatch” after conducting an unauthorized experiment on Project Stopwatch in the Mojave Desert. (Blue Beetle #8)

– 8 months

  • Black Spider is recruited by Basilisk to infiltrate the Suicide Squad and assassinate Amanda Waller. (Suicide Squad #8)

– 7 months

  • Dr. Sivana collects information on 37 people who report abduction by the wizard Shazam. (Justice League #7)
  • Damien Wayne’s dog Titus is born. (Batman and Robin #2)

– 6 months

  • Barbara Gordon begins to retrain herself physically after regaining the use of her legs. (Batgirl #7)
  • Dr. David Umber begins leaking information about N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to Lois Lane. (Superboy #5)
  • Jennifer Knight (Phantom Lady) gets kidnapped by the crime family that murdered her parents, and Dane Maxwell (Doll Man) is shrunk when trapped inside an experimental machine. (Phantom Lady #1)
  • Phantom Lady and Doll Man spend two weeks training with their new abilities before becoming active as crime fighters. (Phantom Lady #2)
  • Amanda Waller recruits 37 criminals to join the Suicide Squad. (Suicide Squad #1, 8)
  • Ranita Carter is hired as Dr Megala’s assistant. (Captain Atom #1)
  • Deadman possesses stunt rider Albert Albertson. (DC Universe Presents #1: Deadman)
  • Kid Flash turns up at Mother Beanice’s Home for Wayward Boys with no memories. (Teen Titans #3)
  • Richard Morse is murdered. (My Greatest Adventure #4)
  • Kunoichi and Wildman become romantically involved. (Blackhawks #5)

– 5 months

  • Superboy is “born” in N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s laboratories, designed to be a weapon of mass destrucion. (Superboy #1)

– 4 months

  • Simon Baz is laid off from his job at an automobile factory. (Green Lantern #0)

– 3 months

  • Carter Hall’s personal problems cause him to begin falling behind in rent. (The Savage Hawkman #2)

– 2 months

  • First public appearance of Kid Flash (Teen Titans #1)

– 6 weeks

  • Massacre begins slaughtering criminals, former heroes and, in subsequent weeks, police officers. (Batwing #1-2)
  • N.O.W.H.E.R.E. attempts to kill Superboy in his gestation tube. He revolts and is placed in virtual reality to develop. (Superboy #1)

– 1 month

  • Batgirl makes her return to the streets of Gotham City. (Batgirl #11)

– 3 weeks

  • An accident with the experimental Sun Gun gives super-powers to The Ray. (The Ray #1)
  • Karen Starr gets a call to pick up the Huntress from Italy while scavenging rare earth samples in Micronesia. (Worlds’ Finest #2, Huntress #6)

– 2 weeks

  • David Zavimbe is stabbed though the chest by Massacre and is unconscious for two weeks (Batwing #2)
  • Barbara Gordon suggests Dinah ask Katana to join her team. Barbara declines to join herself. (Birds of Prey #1)
  • Dinah and Ev Crawford (Starling) become aware of reporter Charlie Keen investigating them. (Birds of Prey #1)
  • First public sightings of Skitter (Teen Titans #2)
  • Kevin Kho, unwitting employee of Cadmus Industries, is transformed into the monstrous One Machine Attack Construct by Brother Eye. (O.M.A.C. #1)

– 1 week

  • Superboy is released to hunt down young meta-humans, especially the Teen Titans. (Superboy #1)


  • Pandora persuades Barry Allen to merge three worlds into one. The New 52 universe is born out of the Flashpoint event. (Flashpoint #5)


DC Comics primarily take place in a consistent “Now” and many of The New 52 titles use this in establishing text boxes. It is unusual to have specific dates mentioned as “now,” but it does happen on occasion. For example: Bruce Wayne is offered tickets to World Series Game 5 in Batman: Dark Knight #2 placing it in October, and Mr Terrific #8 takes place February 13, 2012.


+ 40 years

  • According to history studied in the 31st century, the first recorded Teen Titans team debuts. (Teen Titans Annual #1)
  • Beowulf awakened. (Sword of Sorcery #0)

25th century

  • Booster Gold born in Canada, acquires Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring and super-powered suit, and travels to 21st century. (Justice League International #1, Dan Jurgens)

+ 680 years

  • The United Planets begins to connect Earth with her long lost colonies across the stars. (Legion: Secret Origin #1)

+ 700 years

  • The Sea of Fire swallows the Xin Jiang region of Earth. (Legion of Super-Heroes #6)

+ 995 years

  • The United Planets establishes peace with the Dominators. (Legion of Super-Heroes #1)

31st century

  • The Legion of Super-Heroes forms. (Legion: Secret Origin #1-6)
  • A small group of Legion of Super-Heroes members travels to 21st century and becomes trapped due to the Flashpoint breakwall (Legion Lost #1). The Legion of Super-Heroes presumes these members dead and absorbs members of the Legion Academy into its ranks. (Legion of Super-Heroes #1)


General References

  • There has been an Unknown Soldier active in every war ever fought. (G.I. Combat #0)
  • Jonah Hex’s birthday is November 1. (All-Star Western #0)

“Long Ago”

  • The planet Ryutt is destroyed by the Manhunters. The lone survivor, Atros, joins the four demons to form the Five Inversions and they war against the Manhunters and Guardians for centuries. (Red Lanterns #0)

“Thousands of years ago”

  • Daemonite drones set up transport gates to deliver gravity miners, obliterating one third of the Daemonite galaxy. (Stormwatch #8)

“Centuries ago”

  • Pandora, Phantom Stranger and the Question condemned to wander the earth by the Council of Wizards a group of 7 magic users which included Shazam. (The New 52 Free Comic Book Day edition, Phantom Stranger #0)
  • Merlin and Mordu create the teseract map to find the lost Books of Magic. (Justice League Dark #10)

“Hundreds of years ago”

  • Kryptonian clone Kon leads a rebellion. (Superboy #0)

237 “Tacyears” ago

  • The Khaji-Da (a.k.a. Blue Beetle) scarab is wrongly reported as destroyed. (Blue Beetle #2)

“Eons ago”

  • Invictus and his people safeguard the Vega star-system. (Green Lantern: New Guardians #7)
  • Jor-El inducted into the Science Council at age 12 (Superman #0)

“In the recent past”

  • 3 year-old Bruce Wayne’s mother gives birth to a boy who reportedly dies 12 hours later. (Batman #11)
  • Bruce Wayne was 10 years-old when his parents were murdered. (Justice League #5)
  • A week after his parents’ murder, Bruce Wayne begins investigating the crime on his own. (Dark Knight #0)
  • At some point after his martial arts training in Asia, Bruce Wayne trains with Henri Ducard in France. (Batman and Robin #5)
  • 7 year-old Barry Allen is taken by his father to the Utah Speed Week event for the first time, and returns for the last time at age 9. (The Flash Annual #1)
  • There were 20 years of mysterious sightings of “the Midwest Superman” Adam Blake (Captain Comet). (Action Comics #10)
  • In Jim Gordon’s first year on the G.C.P.D., he shoots and kills serial killer and cannibal Wesley Mathis in front of Wesley’s son Barton Mathis, who grows up to become The Dollmaker. Bruce Wayne reads about Wesley Mathis’s death as a teenager. Barton Mathis creates his mask as The Dollmaker from his father’s face. (Detective Comics #2, 3)
  • At age 15, David Zavimbe repairs dead cell phones, hacks active accounts, and gave them away to people. (Batwing #10)
  • One week before the country became the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of a 30 year war, the African superhero team known as The Kingdom fights its last battle. They subsequently disappear. (Batwing #7)
  • Calvin Rose runs away from home after being locked in a dog kennel for three days and joins Haley’s Circus (age 8). He becomes a featured escape artist (age 10) and is recruited into the Court of Owls as a potential Talon (age 13). (Talon #0)
  • It has been “a few years” since the accident that gave Captain Atom his powers. (Captain Atom #4)
  • Michael Holt’s wife and unborn son die on Michael’s 30th birthday. Michael has already won an Olympic gold medal and has a net worth over one billion dollars. It is later revealed that Dominic Lanse’s gaining of super-powers caused the car accident which killed Paula Holt. (Mr Terrific #1)
  • Sometime following the death of his wife, Michael Holt is visited by someone claiming to be his son — from either the future or an alternate dimension. It is actually Terry Sloan in disguise. (Mr Terrific #1, DC Universe Presents #0: Mr. Terrific)
  • Between the first time she meets Batman and when she becomes Batwoman, Kate Kane trained for at least 3 years. (Batwoman #0)
  • A Mayan named Sky Witness gains the power of a scarab and rules for 100 years. (Blue Beetle #0)
  • Jason Todd spent six months training to be Robin. (Red Hood and the Outlaws #0)

“Several years ago”

  • Following the M Theory experiment, Nathaniel Adam disappears for a month before reappearing with super powers (Captain Atom #0)

“A Few Years Ago”

  • Cat burglar Selina Kyle spent a year as a secretary in the mayor’s office before falling from a roof and adopting the persona of Catwoman. (Catwoman #0)

In the 5 Year Gap

  • Superman fights Professor Fleischer, the terrorist Sky Raiders and Titano. (Superman #3)
  • The Justice League operates out of the Hall of Justice for an indeterminate period. (Justice League International #1)
  • Guy Gardner receives his Lantern ring after the Justice League forms. He has been kicked off the police force. 3 months later Guy completes Lantern training and meets Hal Jordan for the first time. (Green Lantern Corps #0)
  • Booster Gold and Guy Gardner have worked together “a couple of times.” (Justice League International #1)
  • It is unclear how long ago Oliver Queen became Green Arrow, but it was one year after his being stranding on a desert island that he recruits jeuvenile delinquent Roy Harper to his cause. (Green Arrow #0)
  • * Black Canary worked as a spy. Starling worked for the Penguin. (Birds of Prey #8, 0, Team 7 #0)

“Last Season”

  • Ratings are down on the TV series “Challengers” forcing the producers to plan a more dangerous new season. (DC Universe Presents #6: Challengers of the Unknown)

“Last Year”

  • Michael Holt visits the Centre for Altitude Space and Extreme Environments Medicine in London. (Mr. Terrific #6)

“Months Ago”

  • Priscilla Kitaen is captured and help prisoner by the Black Razors (Voodoo #7)
  • Voodoo begins working at the Voodoo Lounge as a stripper in New Orleans (Voodoo #1)
  • Red Robin has an active blog for months warning of a danger to young meta-humans. (Teen Titans #2,3)
  • Amanda Waller seems to indicate that young meta-humans are a new phenomenon. (Teen Titans #8)
  • Harvest has been abducting young meta-humans for months as part of the new Culling. (Teen Titans Annual #1)
  • Harvest manipulates Superboy’s mental program to include elements of a Kryptonian rebellion. (Superboy #0)
  • Maro summons Bloody Mary Worth. (Batwoman #7)

“Weeks Ago”

  • Agents Tyler Evans and Jessica Fallon begin surveillance of Voodoo. (Voodoo #1)


Earth 2 Timeline

– 10 years

  • Mercury captured by a mysterious enemy (Earth 2 #2, James Robinson) Note: this timing conflicts with Earth 2 #1. James Robinson confirmed this is a plot point, not an error.

– 9 years

  • Lois Lane is killed by the forces of Apokolips prior to the invasion of Earth 2. Huntress and Power Girl (as Robin and Supergirl) become active between Lois’ death and the invasion. (Worlds’ Finest #0)
  • Apokolips attacks Earth 2. (Earth 2 #0)

– 6 years

  • Terry Sloan betrays the other Wonders and destroys four major population centres to stop Darkseid’s Rapture Generators. (Earth 2 #0)

– 5 years

  • Apokolips war with Earth 2 ends. Earth 2’s Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all die. (Earth 2 #1)
  • Amidst the end of the Apokolips War, the Supergirl (Karen Starr) and Robin (Helena Wayne) of Earth 2 follow a mysterious figure through a Boom Tube to arrive on the main DC earth immediately after Darkseid’s dismissal by the Justice League. (Worlds’ Finest #1, 2)
  • Al Pratt is found unconscious in a giant handprint, the only survivor of a battle at the end of the Apokolips War. (Earth 2 #0)


Assumptions & Inconsistencies

In compiling this timeline, the assumption has been made that all of The New 52 books #1-12 take place at roughly the same time (aside from All Star Western, Demon Knights, Legion: Secret Origin, Legion of Super-heroes, Justice League #1-6 and Action Comics). Though we know that some of them might be slightly off, we don’t know by how much. Instead, we’ll assume they are within a few months of each other and count all dates from a general “Now” until shown otherwise (for example, Teen Titans #10 establishes Superboy has been out of his tank for 1-3 months).

In general, periods of weeks were only included if they were in the September 2011 #1s as in many cases “weeks” would be within the on-going storyline.

There are some inconsistencies as far as when certain characters were public figures. Aquaman #0, for example, references Superman approximately six months before the events of Action Comics #1. Such small errors are trivial when considered against the following.

* The Asterisk of Editorial Shame

A small number of stories contain plot points that directly contradict the timeline:

Batman Incorporated #2 has Batman in costume at least four years too early.

Batman and Robin #0 has a Batman costume appearing approximately a year too early.

Birds of Prey #0 depicts the first meeting of Barbara Gordon (as Batgirl) and Black Canary, at which point they work together to stop a Basilisk arms deal. This is listed as “one year ago.” This would be one year of real world time, but is almost certainly not one year of comics time. It has been left out of the timeline for this reason.

Andrew Bennett is referred to as a “600-year old vampire” in I, Vampire #6. This is contradicted by I, Vampire #0 which places his origin 420 years ago making him at most 450 years old.

There are several inconsistencies in Deathstroke’s history between Team 7 #0, Deathstroke #6, #9, #0 and Resurrection Man #5, #0 — including his costume and loyalties. Deathstroke #0 places Team 7 forming approximately 15 years too early. (I tweeted with Rob Liefeld in relation to the inconsistency in Deathstroke. His response was “not my concern …coordinate that with DC editorial please.” with the follow-up comment “I was given deliberate marks and direction by the Team 7 editorial to hit in my story and I did.”)

Given the massive scale of The New 52 relaunch, there were bound to be details that were later rethought. References to Tim Drake as Robin and earlier teams of Teen Titans (in Teen Titans #1) conflict with later editorial decisions. This has been addressed in the trade paperback with changes to the narration.


Editor’s Note: On behalf of Comicosity, and comics fans everywhere I would like to thank Keith, Matt, Scarlett, Gavin & David for taking on this massive project and compiling one of the best single references I have ever read. This project took each of them hours of research and digging, cross referencing, and research and I applaud them for doing such a fantastic job.



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  1. CharlesHB said:

    Incredible. A triumph by wise sages of comicdom, we lesser mortals salute you

  2. cc1738 said:

    Why is continuity issues important? Can’t people just enjoy the stories and not worry about it? People freak out if everything doesn’t match and I’ll never understand why.

  3. ScarlettMi said:

    My whole reason for helping out was my very selfish desire to read this history ASAP! Thanks so much for putting it all together, Keith. It was a great excuse to reread some of my comics and it was fun to catch new details I’d missed the first time around.

    I love getting to see the whole big picture on the current DCU from more than just the comics I’ve been able to read.

  4. ScarlettMi said:

    My whole reason for helping out was my very selfish desire to read this history ASAP! Thanks so much for putting it all together, Keith. It was a great excuse to reread some of my comics and it was fun to catch new details I’d missed the first time around.

    I love getting to see the whole big picture on the current DCU from more than just the comics I’ve been able to read.

  5. Jayne Daze said:

    Great work peeps. I would add the sinking of Atlantis to the timeline as an important New 52 event. even moreso with the upcomign Throne of Atlantis storyline.

  6. Dustin Ω said:

    Can someone explain how Constantine’s continuity fit’s into all this? Because they butchered his Hellblazer persona in the Justice League Dark #0

  7. Chazz said:

    Now everything in ‘The New 52’ makes perfect sense.
    (No not really, but you did an outstanding job here)

  8. Keith Callbeck said:

    I would approach Constantine the same as Animal Man & Swamp Thing – ignore anything that was under the Vertigo label and look at what they were as DC U characters. Ish.

  9. Karl said:

    There is a big contradiction regarding the existence of Damian al Ghul/Wayne. Batman, Inc. #2 showed us that Talia first met Bruce when he was already Batman and the recent Batman, Inc. #0 showed a flashback of a year ago where Batman said that Damian was 11 years old. Both accounts contradict Batman and Robin #1, where Batman give away that Damian’s 10 years old and all the other Batman related books which states that Bruce became Batman just 6 years ago.

    Just mentioning.

  10. Keith Callbeck said:

    Both are mentioned in the timeline, the age at minus 10 years, the contradiction of the costume in the Asterisk of Editorial Shame.

  11. Chris Walsh said:

    Do we have approximate date for Grayson transitioning to Nightwing? Or when Jadon becomes Robin II? When he is murdered/reborn? When Tim becomes Red Robin?

  12. Keith Callbeck said:

    Nothing specific. Dick was prob Robin for a year or so, then Nightwing, then Gotham’s Batman (referenced in Nightwing #1). I would guess each Robin was a year or so term, but just a guess. My reading of Batman #0 was that Dick’s parents died immediately after that back up ( minus 5 years)

  13. Karl said:

    I know that in these 5 years that Dick became Robin, that Jason was Robin for 2 years while Tim was Red Robin for 6 months. So i guess Dick was probably Robin for 3 years.

  14. Keith Callbeck said:

    that sounds equally plausible. With Tim it’s really a question of how long he was active in Gotham. There’s reference to him starting his work on young metahumans about 6 months prior to TT #1.

  15. Rodrigo said:

    Dick was still Robin 3 years ago, when Batgirl retired. So… he was Robin for two or three years.

  16. Karl said:

    Teen Titans #0 showed that Tim started to investigate about Bunker and Skitter right after becoming Red Robin, but it’s nothing concrete.

  17. Chris Walsh said:

    DC editorial says not to call it Earth Prime. It’ll probably be Earth-1 (as opposed to “Earth One”) It seems like Darkseid’s invasion was the huge dea, so what will DC say was the great “Crisis” where Dove dies?

  18. Keith Callbeck said:

    When DC editorial decides what they want to call it, I’m more than happy to go along. Didio has been using “Prime Earth” on his Facebook. We just needed to distinguish from Earth 2 in the couple of spots we used it.

  19. Matt SantoriGriffith said:

    Sterling Gates confirmed for me a year ago that his script in Hawk and Dove #1 deliberately used the word “crisis” with a small “c”, so the presumption that none of the Crises with a capital “C” ever happened in this timeline still stands. 🙂

  20. eurostar said:

    Because THEY (writers, editors and publishers) want it to be important, making stories heavily founded over evolution, changes and progression. If every character would “stop in time” remaining the same, putting accent only over the single self containing stories, continuity wouldn’t be so important. But you can’t keep a character alive for 75 years without having him marrying dying being reborn having son and such…

  21. EndlssQuest said:

    Thanks so much to all those who helped compile this amazing timeline list. The New 52 has been hard to pin down with what has and hasn’t happened before a)the actual New 52 Universe and its details and 2)All the stuff from all the long-running DC comics before the New 52 timeline – it’s one thing to say they didn’t happen and it’s another for us to totally block that out of our minds and adjust to a whole new order when some of us have been reading comics for years and have all the “classic” stories in our heads still.
    It’d be perfect for that 6 year-old who’s never heard of Superman except for maybe having a t-shirt when he was little or maybe seeing a cartoon a few times. That kid is an open page to write all the “New 52” version of Superman on to. That could end up being the version he prefers if he still reads comics later in his life. Sorry to say, but the average comic-book buyer today is college age or older. It’s not many kids reading comics, so DC is dealing with paying customers who have read and invested in the on-going adventures of their favorite characters. They can realize the differences between eras, like the Gold and the Silver, the Broze and Modern Age (and even the differences in the Modern Age).
    So anything that DC does to a major character like Superman or Batman is taken as a change from the “goespel” of comic-book continuity. And don’t get me wrong – I LOVE comics a lot and a great deal of that is the continuity and the sense of these characters, while changing, never strive too far off from the original concept and its easy to pick up right where you left off (ideally).
    But the New 52 just creates this “reboot” that we have to try and erase our notions of these characters somewhat (because they are being tweeked or “updated” blah!). I think that characters can have different “visions” made by different creators – those are always interesting and definitely not in continuity. It’s the basic monthly books each month. We want to go on this ride with DC, jumping into a new pool, but it’s hard to forget that when we look around, a lot of this looks familar and can’t just pretend everything didn’t happen, because it kind of did.

  22. Spaceman Zero said:

    and… Batman beyond Universe (Bruce Timm Universe)?, Young Justice Universe?, Earth One Universe?, Other parallel continuitys?

  23. Matt SantoriGriffith said:

    None of those are confirmed as technically part of the DC Multiverse anymore, so we left those out. The only multiple earths officially still in play (until Grant Morrison’s Multiversity project in 2013) are Earth 2 and Earth 22 (President Superman’s homeworld).

  24. Robin said:

    Another major inconsistency is how old Damien is I think. It doesn’t add up anywhere!

  25. Matt SantoriGriffith said:

    Grant Morrison recently said at MorrisonCon that he’d “never tell the story of how Damien aged so fast.” The how aside, this tells me that the intention is he did indeed age faster than expected, 11 years in 5 or so sounds about right! 🙂

  26. djoshar said:

    What about Superman being born 27 years ago according to the Neil DeGrasse Tyson backup in Action Comics?

  27. cubreporterk said:

    The timeline includes only comics published til Sept 2012 (zero month). But that is a good date point for the next person!