Review: A-FORCE #3


Written By Kelly Thompson & G. Willow Wilson
Art by Jorge Molina & Matt Milla
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 2, 2016

A trip into the Singularity makes the heart grow fonder.

The A-Force takes to the stars to escape Antimatter, using all of their resources to come up with a plan to dispel the walking mass of energy. The team begins to work together with less discord, and Singularity catches glimpses of the bond she shared with these powerful women in Arcadia, sentiments challenged by the untimely loss of a friend. As an unexpected loss plagues the heart of A-Force, Singularity makes a decision to save the ones she had loved so dearly in a world neighboring ours.

There are so many women in this issue and I love it. At most, two men show up during the entire story, which is quite the welcome change. A-Force #3 is bold in that it plays to its strengths by focusing on women who are capable in a multitude of ways. It’s sad that such a move is considered groundbreaking, in that there have been few other series like A-Force, but it looks like the series is a step in a much needed direction. The cast of some of Marvel’s most powerful women brings together vast corners of the universe as a trial to see how these disparate personalities will work together.

The characters have relationships with each other I didn’t fully expect, and G. Willow Wilson and Kelly Thompson deftly portray points of contention and a growing connection among the main cast. Within each argument and interaction, the A-Force members’ personalities come to the fore, especially the terse communication between Medusa and Dazzler. Each of the relationships make sense considering that these women do not all cross paths often, yet they are slowly coming together as a unit.

As this issue moves from page to page, Singularity seems to be gaining the family she knew in Secret Wars, and it seems that as the series progresses it is getting closer to the love and warmth we saw when A-Force was stationed in Arcadia. Slowly but surely, Wilson and Thompson are creating the family bond we saw over the summer in one of Secret Wars’ best tie-ins.

Maybe it’s subtle, but Jorge Molina’s art feels much more stylized and unique in this issue than the ones previous. These slight changes from the previous issues help distinguish A-Force from the rest of the Marvel line, as Molina captures the energetic and fun spirit of the title. Matt Milla’s colors are absolutely brilliant, equally matching Singularity’s brightness and the stellar backdrop of much of this issue. Each hue is vivid and the use of bright colors throughout the issue make it much more lively and engaging.

From the fights to the feels, A-Force #3 is an issue that makes for a stellar read. There are some major upsets and excellent interactions that pave yet another step in this series making its mark on the Marvel universe. There are definitely still some questions I want answered and developments I want to happen, but I wait with bated breath for each issue to see how these heroines take care of some massive problems. I recommend this series if you’re a big fan of women of Marvel as it is full of fun, fury, and tender emotion.

The Verdict: 9.0 /10



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