Written by Mark Waid
Art by Mahmud Asrar & Dave McCaig
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 27, 2016

Avengers assemble into the eye of the storm!

Jarvis arrives on the scene of the new Avengers bunker and is reasonably less than impressed. As the team is sprucing up their new home, an old foe is creating a tempestuous mess for these Mighty Defenders and the local residents. The young guard rises to the occasion to help in the conflict as Tony and Cap wonder about one of their newest members.

To be honest, I expected more from this issue after coming off the heels of the last one. There was a great buildup from the previous three issues, but the story in All-New All-Different Avengers #4 fell short for me. While there were some great scenes and dynamics between the characters, I’d have liked to see this team jumping head-on into a new, dangerous, but riveting story. There’s still a lot of chance for these Avengers to have some stellar adventures, so I hope that’s where the series moves.

I love that Mark Waid is working with the old vs. new guard aspect of this team of Avengers. Miles, Kamala, and Nova’s actions are energetic and unencumbered, while Tony and Cap are more reserved and deliberate. Waid meshes these differing ideals and ages in a way that propels the story and challenges how the team will function moving forward. Cap and Tony’s observation of Thor felt weird and a bit rushed for me, so I’d like to see how this particular plot point affects the team as a whole.

Mahmud Asrar and Dave McCaig excel at illustrating Cyclone’s havoc. Asrar’s lines and shading do well in capturing flying debris and utter chaos, but also the enthusiasm of Thor and the younger Avengers. These subtle touches help to illustrate the dual dynamic of the team, but also highlight what Cap and Tony find a cause for concern. McCaig’s colors are reminiscent of turbulent winds framed by dark skies and a murky background. The lack of brightness adds to the story by creating a rather dank atmosphere. There’s also a really awesome image of Kamala early in the issue that reminds me a lot of Chihiro from Spirited Away, a nice touch even if it wasn’t intended.

The first arc for these All-New and All-Different Avengers was definitely enough to keep me captivated, but this issue left a bit to be desired. I’m still invested in finding out how the team works together, but the story overall felt very quick and not substantial. I think that as a single issue, All-New All-Different Avengers #4 works, but I’m unsure about its connection to a larger story. There are still some hints and threads to follow, though, so we may be in for a story that packs quite the punch after this arc ends.

The Verdict: 7.5/10



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