Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Terry Dodson
Release Date: July 11, 2012

Welcome to the Marvel Universe, Captain Marvel. Well, Carol Danvers-Captain Marvel, that is, and I couldn’t be a happier camper than I am typing that. Avenging Spider-Man is a great start to what I hope is a fantastic Captain Marvel resurgence and if the writing in the primary Captain Marvel series is anywhere near as witty as DeConnick’s dialogue in this issue, Carol is in fantastic hands. Carol is everything she should be in this issue: strong, confident and, most of all, a powerhouse. She’s got the power set and the experience to be an all-star in the Marvel Universe and DeConnick definitely seems primed to make it so. This issue continues the trend started by the Immonens a few issues ago with Spidey thrown into an entertaining mess and I can say that this is the best issue of Avenging Spider-Man I have read yet. Peter and Carol are great together by DeConnick’s hand and I am extremely happy this is a two part adventure. I’d happily see DeConnick take over Avenging Spider-Man as a regular writer…hell, just get her more titles, I don’t care where!

Now, time to talk art. Terry Dodson is a top artist in my mind and his pencils in this issue are fantastic. Carol is strong and looks the way a Captain Marvel should. Spidey and the new character introduced in this issue are sharp and well penciled but Dodson really lights up any page with Carol on it. Dexter Soy has got his work cut out for him with the main series because Dodson has set the bar extremely high for Captain Marvel in the Marvel U.

Verdict: 9.0/10


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