Review: BAD MEDICINE #1 & #2

Written by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir
Art by Christopher Mitten
Release Date: #1 May 5, 2012 – #2 June 13, 2012

Bad Medicine is a scientific mystery story; the kind of comic that would fit right in on television currently, with its quirky blend of characters and odd situations. Invisible people, scientific experimentation, and murder all add up to the kind of comic book that can have a lot to offer down the road. Unseen is the story arc taking place in issues 1 & 2.

DeFilippis and Weir have crafted an interesting story which moves quickly along from point A to point B. The dialogue is snappy, and it is easy to define which character is speaking, something that speaks volumes about their character development. There is an interesting feel to this book, and I would be very happy to see the different characters stick together as a team.

The art by Christopher Mitten is interesting, and very stylish, but often I found the heavily inked look of the characters distracting, and this impacted my enjoyment of the book. The art and color work very well together, and some of the abstractions can help draw you into the world they are trying to illustrate.

Bad Medicine is an engaging read, but I feel like the first arc was over too fast. It definitely felt like they could have spent a bit more time expanding the mystery than they did. It seems very sudden when the story is over, ending off with a couple of pages of set-up for the next arc. I would have been happier to see the set-up built into the story a bit better. Overall though, a well thought out book that certainly has enough action to keep the casual reader involved. Over time, with a little work, I could see this being a top-notch series.

Verdict: 7.0/10


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