BlackScience07_CoverBLACK SCIENCE #7
Written by Rick Remender
Art by Matteo Scalera, Dean White
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: July 30, 2014

The craziest science fiction comic in the industry returns as Remender, Scalera and White kick off a new arc, continuing to show readers that no one is safe…ever.

Black Science is back and after a brief scheduled break it is firing on all cylinders from the very first page. There is no rest for readers, or the characters, as their universe hopping adventure continues to be as chaotic as the madness of the first arc. The pace of this issue is frantic, with the remaining members of this “team” struggling to survive as we’ve seen happen many times already, but with the added tension that anyone – at any time – could die. This adds a serious element to the book that isn’t present in many comics, where the primary characters are usually saved at the last second from mortal danger.

Remender’s writing is as strong as ever. He’s got a smaller cast than he had in the first arc, and the narrator has shifted, but the series still has the dynamic feel as before. This issue features some frantic and absolutely raw dialogue, as these characters are fighting and running for their lives. The panic is palpable in their words, and Remender continues to throw unexpected curveballs at readers. You truly never know what is coming with this comic, and it is a riot for that reason.

Matteo Scalera and Dean White have not missed a beat on the art front, delivering rock solid art from start to finish. The energy they inject into this comic is phenomenal, making the reader feel as jarred as the characters within without the pages looking like an absolute train wreck. The duo capture motion very well, as there really isn’t a page in the issue that is at rest, and nor will your eyes be. White’s colour work makes these pages absolutely electric, and the worlds this duo create are astounding. Their visuals make this series some of the most unique science fiction going, and showcases each of their talents extremely well.

Black Science #7 is one well crafted comic and fans of the series will absolutely love this issue. The creative team continues to pull no punches in this story, and #7 hits hard after the break, hammering home that nobody is safe in this series. Prepare for a thrill ride, Black Science is back!

The Verdict: 9.0/10



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