Written by Lee Allred
Art by Mike Allred, Laura Allred, Nate Piekos
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: September 20, 2017

Every time I read an issue of Doom Patrol I think to myself “Wow. This is the most brilliantly insane comic there is right now,”….then a new issue of Bug! comes out.

Team Allred delivers another gem here, continuing the bizarre adventure they have Forager on and running our epic hero into Deadman along the way. Their take on Deadman had me laughing, which isn’t my typical reaction to the character, and this madcap group that has assembled around Forager gets more entertaining by the issue. With each domino they add to the insanity and who can complain about that?

Lee has a unique voice for each of these characters and they work as an ensemble very well. For all its wildness, there is a solid story at the core here that moves the issue along. It acts as a foundation for the madcap moments and Lee is doing a good job making sure the overall mission is not completely overshadowed by the individual craziness of each aspect of this mission. This is a comic where the forest could very easily be lost for the trees, but Lee makes sure that doesn’t happen while still delivering a plot that is wild.

The heavyweight all-star champions of the comic book art world, the legendary Mike and Laura Allred, are pretty good at their craft. One might even say they are exceptional…or even amazing. No other team can capture insanity like Forager’s adventure in a way that they can and this comic is peak Allred. Mike’s pencil work is as great as ever and Laura’s colour work really seals the deal here. Her use of a bold palette makes this artwork leap from the page and there truly is no art as unique as when the Allreds release a book. Their work is like peanut butter to Young Animal’s jelly, and Bug! fits into the imprint’s take on the DC Universe very well.

Bug! The Adventures Of Forager #4 is a fun, zany read. It made me laugh, it sucked me into the wild adventure they have built and I was left awestruck by the fantastic artwork. Team Allred is an unstoppable force of comic creating brilliance. Catch up with Forager’s wild adventure, you won’t be disappointed.

The Verdict: 10/10


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