Written by Gail Simone and Shea Fontana
Art by Inaki Miranda, Eva De La Cruz, Taylor Esposito, Walter Carzon, Silvana Brys, Wes Abbott, Emanuela Lipacchino, Tomeu Morey and Sandy Jarrel
Edited by Liz Erickson and Jim Chadwick
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: August 29, 2018

The Purrr-fect Crossover for Tweety Pies Everywhere

Any time I read DC Comics and Looney Tunes crossover stories, the thought of “well why didn’t I think of that!” always pops into my head. Gail Simone and Shea Fontana’s Looney Tunes takes had me smiling from ear to ear, even if it was hard to read at times thanks to a random “th-“ here and there. No matter the pairing, you get to celebrate the heroes and villains you love all mixed with some animated nostalgia no one can help but gush over.

The Dynamic Duo of The Cat and The Chicken (or whatever)

It’s kitties against birdies when three sinister witches have a bet over who is the victorious species. It is up to Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird to convince Catwoman and Black Canary to defeat this evil before one of them is wiped from reality!

The premise is outrageous but should you expect anything less? Gail Simone is such a quality choice to depict the interaction between Selina and Sylvester, Dinah and Tweety and all of the Easter eggs in between this insane battle of the animals. Simone playfully uses all the literal ‘Looney’ dialogue and mannerisms of the classic characters. What was especially a treat was Simone’s personality for Tweety Bird – that bird was a straight SAVAGE to everyone (who DARES call Black Canary out on her weight of ALL things? That’s crossing a line, Tweety.)!

From this to alllll of the surprise guest stars who aided in this war of bird and cat (pretty much ANY persona that resembles a bird or a feline made an appearance…so spectacular), Simone’s “A Fine Fit of Feather and Fur” is a treat for kids and adults. The cherry on top of this Looney DC crossover cake was Shea Fontana’s backup story “Cats!” having Catwoman and Sylvester team up to get not only priceless jewels but a priceless bird who only wants to watch their favorite late night talk show. It’s all a huge lighthearted read that will make any sour puddy-tat happy.

The Realism In Saving Reality

Considering your familiarity with Looney Tunes, what you envision when you see Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird and what you get with Inaki Miranda’s rendering in Gail Simone’s story is surprising but the best refreshing takes on all of this classic mythology mashed together in one book. Miranda and the entire artist team should be applauded at the challenges provided to pull off this story. This crazy journey not only reaches to every corner of the DC Universe to find characters you forgot even existed but gives action packed scenes (from femme fatales and felines alike) and keeps this rollercoaster of a tale flowing to the very end. In Fontana’s backup story, I thank Walter Carzon for showering all of us with so much Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia in his artwork. Overall, the illustrations were outstanding and will make me do a double take anytime a see a little yellow bird sitting in a tree…I’ll just assume it’s judging me on my fashion choices or lifestyle in general.

I Hope That’s Not All, Folks!

I know there’s so much the company can do with these DC Comics and Warner Bros. Looney Tunes crossovers, but I truly love them. They’re fun and have something for the current comic book reader and the ones just discovering this fantastical world. I recommend reading all the pairings in this awesomely animated universe.

The Verdict: 10/10


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