Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Lee Weeks
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: April 8, 2015

*Warning: mild spoilers ahead*

The classic Man of Steel is back and on a collision course with the world of Flashpoint in Convergence: Superman #1.

Dan Jurgens was a great pick to write this comic, as there are few that pull of classic Superman quite like him. I’m going to say “classic” a lot here because this Superman is noticeably different than the Superman of the New 52: he is wiser, more confident and he’s simply more experienced. He is as much a diplomat as he is a powerhouse, and Jurgens does a great job of showing that through his dialogue and demeanor. His relationship with Lois is intact and Jurgens writes the couple very well. It was heartwarming to see them interact and while I’m not against Clark & Diana and their relationship in the New 52, this couple just makes sense. They click, for lack of a better term, and the chemistry between the characters is obvious.

Jurgens paces this issue well, giving readers a look at what is currently going on and letting us get comfortable with the characters/situation before diving into the mayhem. The first part of the issue features some dialogue that comes across a bit awkward, but it is necessary to give readers a shot at knowing what is going on. He sets the board well and when the conflict with the Flashpoint universe begins, it is all the more satisfying. In a very concise manner Jurgens details the differences between these universes well, and readers who have no experience with the Flashpoint characters will immediately notice how different that world is. There is a lot here for Jurgens to establish and unleash in a fixed number of pages, and he does it very efficiently without it feeling rushed. This is a well written first chapter of this story and if this is a sign of what we can get from Convergence then I am a happy camper.

Lee Weeks lays down some fantastic artwork while bringing Jurgens’ script to life, giving classic Superman some amazing moments in the sun. The iconography of Superman is so powerful and Weeks uses it well, creating huge impact from splash pages. Weeks really handles everything well in this issue, from the quiet moments with Lois to the explosive conflicts with Flashpoint characters. This comic is easy on the eyes and Weeks is a skilled storyteller, setting a visual tone for Superman’s world and the Flashpoint universe that conveys so much about these characters without a word being uttered. The look and feel of the characters in this issue tell so much of the story and Weeks is a great fit for this tale. His art is enhanced by great colour work from Brad Anderson and there are a couple jaw dropping splash images where these two bring the classic Superman back with one hell of a bang.

Convergence: Superman #1 is a rock solid comic featuring some great character work and excellent visuals. The most iconic character in comics is here in full glory and this comic has me extremely excited for the possibilities Convergence is creating for great stories. Bring on issue #2, #1 was fantastic and I want more!

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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