Written by Jim Zub
Art by Edwin Huang
Release Date: July 3, 2013

darkskullkickersdark01-585x900-coveraDark Skullkickers Dark rounds out the “adjective” arc of Skullkickers, and while it is entertaining, the finale does fizzle out a bit compared to previous issues.

This issue is filled with quips and humour that has become the Skullkickers trademark, including “Outta my way” shoves, and much more. Zub’s wit is one of Skullkickers‘ strengths, though a few more jokes fall flat than typical for this title. The issue takes place in a tavern, a locale close to the Skullkickers‘ hearts, with a rowdy clientele and some good ol’ fashioned brawling. The spirit of the tavern comes through in the script, and Zub throws a great curve ball at the end that is a little vexing, but adds an interesting element into the series. This issue’s script was thin compared to the other adjective filled Skullkickers issues, seemingly going around in circles at some points. As an arc finale some story resolution rather than setup would be appreciated, but spending the issue in a tavern does set up the upcoming Tavern Tales issue well.

Edwin Huang’s art is consistent with his work on the series so far, though it is lacking some sharpness in the inks. The usual thick, bold inks are thinned out in many places and the artwork suffers for it, losing the regular style but also some of the cartoonish flair. Huang pencils a great brawl, and does keep the energy high for an issue completely set inside a tavern, and he does a good job adding in some easter egg background characters. As with the script the artwork appeared to be slightly weaker than it’s bold and strong style of the previous adjective issues, and Dark Skullkickers Dark suffered somewhat because of it.

Dark Skullkickers Dark #1 is, by no means, a bad comic. It is not the best in the Skullkickers‘ series so far, but has its entertaining moments. More Skullkickers is always a good thing, and I’ll be returning for Tavern Tales.

Verdict: 7.0/10


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