Review: DEAD MAN’S RUN #2

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Tony Parker
Release Date: March 14, 2012

Dead Man’s Run #2 is really nailing this feeling of “Hell like you have never seen it before”. Pak does an excellent job with this issue of keeping the feel as unique as issue #0 and #1 and even though we are 3 issues in to this series, he definitely has not played his hand as to what is going on in this new world. This prison is utterly unique and the unknown of the world these characters are in is definitely the draw of this book. The quest of the main character is easily understood, what he is up against is not. Issue #2 went in several angles I was not anticipating, bringing in new characters and a new area of the prison that is wildly different than the last. Pak’s script is strong, with dialogue flowing easily from the characters and not disrupting the pace of the book at all. I applaud his choice to keep this story driving forward rather than spending the first few issues world-building. We are learning as we go and it makes this book a lot of fun. My one complaint would be how easily the merry-band of Sam’s seems to be coming together, but I won’t complain too loud as who knows what Pak has planned for them. I will recommend that any new readers to this series try to pick up issues #0 and #1. It will greatly improve your reading experience for this issue and subsequent ones.

In the art department, Tony Parker provided solid art in the previous issues and he has only gotten stronger. These pencils are tight, consistent, and there are some great visuals in this issue. This is an extremely dynamic and unique world and Parker is doing an excellent job of giving Pak’s words life. Minor spoiler coming, but the “Blood of Angels” page gave me chills and Parker really is hitting his stride in this series.

Verdict: 8.0/10


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