Review: EVOLUTION #1

Written by James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, and Joshua Williamson
Art by Joe Infurnari, Jordan Boyd, and Pat Brosseau
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: November 15, 2017

Evolution is unrelenting. Everyone grows and evolves over time due to forces in their life that shapes them into singular person. Evolution #1 chronicles the moments in time that humanity begins to evolve as whole and the repercussions it will have for history.

This new series is type of evolution in and of itself as a group of writers have come together to mold their separate experiences into one vision. The creators of Evolution #1 successfully give the reader a eerie and mysterious journey in this first issue as they begin their body horror tale of metamorphosis on a global scale.

Writers James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, and Joshua Williamson have combined their experiences to create something unique. They have set out to take humanity into a new evolutionary step but it may not be in the direction that humans want to go.

Most tales of future human evolution conclude with the race transforming into something more advanced and wonderful. Evolution #1 seems to be headed away from that scenario and into a dark transformation of terrors. For humanity it is terrible, but for the readers it is absolutely the right path to follow. It is easy to see that this story is comprised of multiple minds but it is woven together in just the right places to keep it from becoming a jumbled mess.

The connecting tissue is a series of mysterious horrific events that occur throughout the pages of the book. However, what the reader may think is happening is refreshingly twisted into something else as the story builds. This element of impending horror is artistically ever present keeping the reader wary of what may happen next to the characters.

The writers have given the characters life and filled their two dimensionality with a tangible humanity and history. In this first issue they have successfully given the reader a reason to care for the characters that inhabit this world. As long as they keep the characters at the heart of the story it will be a successful tale and not just another horror story.

Joe Infurnari is an integral part of this creative effort, because without him the combination of writers would not be as successful. His artwork seals the deal on Evolution being such an amazing book. It draws the reader in and wraps around their imagination like a spider’s cocoon. It’s almost as if stopping midway through the story is impossible because Infurnari’s art has it’s claws in you. It’s terrifyingly beautiful to experience.

The entire world has a worn-down feeling to it due to his style of sketched and unfinished lines that gives texture to everything. There is a weariness that he has incorporated in the faces of the adults of this world and something scary behind the eyes of the young. Perspective and unique angles drive the reader’s eye further into the story towards things that might have been otherwise glanced over.  

Infurnari’s drawings of everyday objects like strips of film, medical equipment, and shrubbery are subconsciously transformed into encroaching instruments of horror. There is no one page or panel that will stick in your mind but the book as a whole will be imprinted in your memory.

Jordan Boyd gives this world a wonderful depth through his coloring of the pages and rendering of light. While the overall look of the book is dark and comprised of instances of single tonal pages it’s the highlights that make everything pop off the page. Certain things even have a misty glow to them as if the page was alive.

What makes this work even better are his choice of colors throughout the book. Each storyline has its own color tone to it, but all are grungy and slightly watered down. Pat Brosseau handles the lettering for the issue perfectly. Again each storyline has something slightly different to it to give it its own voice.

Overall, this is a definite must read book. The writers’ group, artist, colorist, and letterer have all come together into a terrific collaboration of storytelling. Some parts may make you want to turn away but the creators have engineered Evolution into attention grabbing addiction. Don’t be afraid of the story, but do be afraid of missing out on it.

The Verdict: 10/10


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