Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Victor Ibanez, Jay David Ramos
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 27, 2016

The Extraordinary crew gets their first taste of Weirdworld as Jeff Lemire continues to build the bonds between this group of classic X-Men.

I say classic because this is a mash-up of some long time X-Men and versions of them from other timelines. The crew just works together, it feels like great old times with an infusion of freshness from Old Man Logan and young Jean. Lemire captures the personalities of these characters very well, staying true to them while adding some of his own spin, adding to that “classic yet new” feeling. Rather than embroiling themselves in the mire of mutant civil war that has defined the X-Men for years now, this team is on a mission to preserve mutantkind…and they end up kicking some ass along the way. I’m not going to lie, I like Lemire’s angle on this story more than I have enjoyed many X-arcs in a long time, and taking the team into Weirdworld is a really fun situation.

This team has chemistry and this issue shows it well. Probably my favourite aspect, though, occurs outside Weirdworld. Mentoring and teaching has always been a big part of the X-Men and Lemire embraces it fully in this comic. There are some great moments between the elder X-Men and the youth, which showed me Lemire is dialed into the X-dynamic. He gets this group and I like his take.

Victor Ibanez takes over pencil duties from Humberto Ramos and he delivers some solid work. He continues with the visual theme set by Ramos and handles Weirdworld very nicely. There’s a big cast here and Ibanez does them justice, especially the moments with the veterans and the kids. He’s no slouch with action, but the personal moments between characters is where his work shines. Jay David Ramos’ colour work suits Ibanez’s pencils nicely, rounding out the visuals and completing the issue well.

Extraordinary X-Men #6 is a fun issue sending a variant of a classic X-Men team into the wild world of Weirdworld. It’s a fun place to see this team work and Lemire and Ibanez temper the weirdness with some great moments back at the school in Limbo. Extraordinary X-Men is…wait for it…extraordinary, and issue #5 is continuing what has been a solid run so far.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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