Review: FROSTBITE #1


Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Jason Shawn Alexander, Luis NCT, and Steve Wands
Published by Vertigo
Release Date: September 28, 2016

That cold dark feeling deep in your heart is about to get a whole lot colder. Frostbite #1 brings readers to the freeziest freeze of a new Ice Age with breathtaking art and a captivating story from cover to cover. Joshua Williamson, one of my favorite horror modern horror writers, has figured out yet another intriguing story, and Jason Shawn Alexander’s loose art is a perfect fit for this story. Every element of this book begs you to read it, from Steve Wand’s form-fitting letters to Luis NCT’s delicate colors. When you’re walking the wall of your LCS, pick this book up and give it a try. I dare you not to enjoy it.

Frostbite #1 takes a close look at one of the many dystopic futures available to us and explores what would happen if the Earth settled into a second Ice Age. However, the freezing cold alone isn’t the only detriment to civilization; a deadly sickness dubbed “Frostbite” is wreaking havoc on humanity. Fast-moving, highly contagious, and creepy to boot, “Frostbite” is decimating what’s left of the human population. Keaton, this story’s powerful leading lady is tasked with transporting Earth’s remaining hope across a treacherous terrain, as a man claims to have a cure for the dangerous disease.

The opening issue is fast-hitting and paced with every intention to leave you on the edge of your seat. The action sequences are well-written and the exposition is carefully exposed with each turn of the page. The story Williamson is crafting is not entirely unique, but feels refreshing in its execution. Keaton is a great character so far, and I’m always happy to see a new confident woman take the lead in an adventure/horror/sci-fi book like this. The dialogue is mostly fun and light; nothing feels superfluous, but rather useful in advancing character development and plot.

Jason Shawn Alexander’s art is truly incredible. I loved his work on Empty Zone, and Frostbite is perhaps even more beautiful. Alexander uses a very emotionally powerful and heavily natural look to emphasize the story’s brutality and human condition. His style suits the vastness of the long, cold, winter’s landscape and the futility Williamson has captured in the plot and dialogue. The construction of the scenery is nothing short of skilled, and the character designs are intriguing throughout. When you add in Luis NCTs fantastic colors, this book breathes even more. The cold blues and dulled palette is refined and detailed adding to the organic art on each page. Steve Wands’ lettering completes the package, the outline-less balloons fitting the design of the book wonderfully. Every word spoken is encompassed in a dialogue balloon that looks like a breath of warm air in a cold environment.

Frostbite #1 is not to be missed. Every page is a finely-crafted piece of art, with the entire issue presenting as a well-oiled, emotional machine designed to provide entertainment at its finest.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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