Review: GODZILLA #1

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Simon Gane
Release Date: May 23, 2012

My expectations for this series were limited; Godzilla has a spotty record in comics, so I approached this book with an “I’ll take the bullet for the team” outlook. I was happily wrong, this is a really fun book that looks at Godzilla not as the main character, but instead, as the reason our main characters are brought together.

This book is blissfully light on dialogue, and high on action and explosions. Like any good Godzilla movie, the comic book shouldn’t be too text heavy, it should be a quick read that leaves you wanting more, and Swiercynski gives you that in this book. I appreciate the choices that he makes involving the characters, and he gives you good insight into everyone important in this book without overloading the script.

Gane’s work on the art is perfect for the book. No one really cares how the people look; it is all about the big grey monster. His Godzilla looks like it is right out of a Toho movie, if it is possible to draw a creature that looks like a guy in a rubber suit, which in turn looks completely realistic, then this is it.

This comic isn’t just Godzilla; there are other giant monsters in tow as well. The fun has been brought in this book, and I hope that it keeps up. This is a very interesting beginning to a comic that could have been much less; as long as they carry on this path, then they will keep me as a reader. For now, I will have to just sit back in my ‘giant-monster-proof tower’ and wait for the ‘skreeeee-onnnnnk’ signaling the arrival of the next issue…or perhaps my doom. Gojira!

Verdict: 8.0/10


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