Written by Jen Vaughn
Art by Michelle Wong, Triona Tree Farrell, Christa Miesner
Edited by Chase Marotz, Sarah Gaydos
Published by IDW Publishing
Release Date: March 28, 2018

I grew up reading Goosebumps novels, and I was always creeped out. Never fully scared, but always creeped out. I think that’s the pull of good horror, you just stay uneasy all the time. So when I saw it on the list, I knew that was what I wanted to review this week.

You follow main character Mitra, whose excited about starting school, but is quickly sobered by unforeseen complications. An older brother as the Hall Monitor. Her best friend Kyra spending all of her time with a new student named Flips who plays the same MMO that they do. A group of bullies that not only take up all the time in the computer lab, the girls have been waiting all summer to use, but also being rude to her, simply because of her brothers position.

I’m a huge fan of the color choices in this issue. The blue and red hues do a good job of leading the tone of the story. I really like the character design in this issue, all of the characters are so adorable. The art in this comic is very good too, I love how cute all of the characters are.

After a run in with the bullies that result in a broken phone, she wakes up the next morning to a brand new phone delivered to her door step but this phone is the latest model and different from all of the other ones she’s had before. This phone knows her, it’s already equipped with the latest gaming software, and her profile is already filled out.

My favorite thing about this issue is the inclusivity, two of the three main characters are women of color. Mitra’s love interest is Weather, a girl. I’m so here for this. LGBT relationships are something we definitely need to see more of in comics. I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue, because I have to know what happens next.

The Verdict: 9.0/10



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