GL-Cv39-ds-29a24GREEN LANTERN #39
Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Billy Tan
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: February 4, 2015

The Green Lantern Corps have long been the police force in the galaxy, but are they are force the galaxy wants anymore?

Considering the current events in the world, Robert Venditti pens a very poignant and relevant tale with this issue of Green Lantern, asking the question “of what worth is your police force if the people do not trust it?” There is crisis occurring within the Green Lantern Corps and this time it isn’t a cosmic threat, but rather a very personal one. This is a brilliant angle for Venditti to venture down as it highlights a whole host of issues for Hal Jordan and his Corps that are much harder to deal with than whipping up one hell of a light show and pounding foes into oblivion. This is a matter of trust, and Venditti does a great job of conveying the current lack of it in the universe.

Venditti has a great handle on these characters – Hal, Kilowog, the second set of Guardians…each have a distinct, strong voice in this issue. Hal’s signature brashness is on display and by the end of the issue, I found myself more excited about what is coming for Hal and the Corps than I have in a while. Venditti’s got a great handle on these characters and they are about to face a very unique challenge for them…and I’m in. I’m totally in.

Billy Tan is solid from start to finish in this issue, and he has really found a great home for his skill set in Green Lantern. His pencils are sharp and he throws down some great attitude from Hal Jordan in some quality splash pages. His pages are dynamic and the layouts in this issue are great, with the story flowing very easily across the pages. His composition is great, his pencils are sharp and he and Venditti are a rock solid team.

Green Lantern #39 is the first step down what promises to be a very entertaining adventure. Venditti and Tan are telling a tale that is very relevant and the layers of subtext within this issue give it a whole other level of depth. This team is solid and the comics are reflecting that, and Green Lantern #39 is a solid jump on point and intriguing direction for this title. Green light for Green Lantern!

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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