Written by Robert Venditti, Justin Jordan, Charles Soule, Van Jensen
Art by Brad Walker, Sean Chen, Rags Morales, Billy Tan, Bernard Chang, Alessandro Vitti
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: June 18, 2014

Green Lantern fans, the new era has officially kicked off with a bang.

In the first crossover event of the “new” Green Lantern Universe helmed by the Four Corpsmen (Venditti, Jordan, Soule & Jensen), Lights Out tells the tale of the various Corps versus Relic, a being of immense power who has arcane knowledge of how the ight of the rings works in the universe. This crossover dramatically changes the status quo and dynamics of the rings as readers know them, which is a ton of fun to read. It’s not often that we get major shakeups in a set of books as established as the Green Lantern titles, and Lights Out definitely shakes things up.

Venditti introduces a strong villain in Relic, someone he establishes as being powerful enough to take on all the Corps at once without being as boringly omnipotent as the First Lantern. Relic is not simply evil, but rather a man who is dedicated to his cause, schooling the Lanterns with knowledge from before their time and posing a serious threat to the way they operate. This makes for a compelling story as it slides through the books and the different Corps have to deal with the situations put before them. The conundrum Relic puts these established characters in shows them at their most interesting and the writers do a great job fleshing out these characters.

The writers also do an excellent job in this crossover of keeping the story cohesive while maintaining their own voices. Each of the Green Lantern titles has a unique tone, which stays consistent despite the story progressing through multiple hands. During this crossover, each of the titles is the strongest it has been since the Johns era, providing a great springboard for these titles to launch from going forward. This crossover acts as a nice jump-in point for readers looking to dive into Green Lantern comics, providing a taste of each series while telling a strong story.

A large part of experiencing the tone of each series is the exceptional artwork in this collection. These artists are on fire and there isn’t a single artist that drops the ball in this collection. This is one of the strongest crossovers I have ever seen from an artistic standpoint with 6 artists who each handle massive casts, space battles, and multiple locations very well. At no point does the artwork ever drag down the story and if these artists can continue work that is this strong in their titles then we have entered a new Green Lantern golden age. A special shout out goes to Bernard Chang who I feel delivers the strongest storytelling of the collection, and is worthy of the recognition. His Green Lantern Corps is energetic and exciting, much the way it was when the title was started after Rebirth.

Green Lantern: Lights Out is the strongest crossover event to hit the GL books in a long time and a great place for new readers to jump into the GL mythos. The creative teams have changed the way Light works in the DCU and have added some very interesting elements into the different Corps. This is Green Lantern done right, and I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of grand space adventures check this one out. This is the real deal.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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  1. Lantern Fan said:

    How much were you paid, by DC to write this review? Everyone Green Lantern fan I’ve spoke to despises this story more than any other.

  2. Matt SantoriGriffith said:

    Lantern Fan, no one at Comicosity is paid anything to do any reviews, either by us or (certainly not) by the publishers. Sorry to hear you didn’t care for the storyline. At least two other prominent review sites (ComicVine and IGN) rated these issues with 9.0s and 10.0s, and for what it’s worth, I enjoyed it as well.

  3. JJcomicfan said:

    While I won’t outright accuse you guys of being on the take, there is no way this story gets a nine out of ten.
    Let’s start with editing. The very premise of the story the reservoir is at odds with past stories. Sinestro Corp Amon Sur story, he needs to feel fear in order to charge his ring. The Blue Lantern rings being charged by the emotions of the planet they saved. This means that if there was a reservoir, the rings and batteries dont tap it directly. They need someone to feel it first. So big problem there. I guess if the guy you have reviewing Green Lantern doesnt read Green Lantern you could miss that.
    Lets look at the story now. One of the odvious things i hate about this story was the pacing. Relic appears says there is a reservoir and it can be drained, and immediately after the reservoir starts runjing dry. I thought this was a clue to what was really going on. Alas, what really was going on was had writing.
    Moving onto the ending, which was anticlimactic since ee weren’t allowed to really see it. Instead of the Lanterns trying to struggle without a main battery one is already built for them. Not sure how that could rate a nine, maybe that is where the one point went away.
    As far as Lanterns claim that people despise this story I think the sales drops on the main title could probably back that up.