Written by Stephen Mooney
Art by Stephen Mooney, Jordie Bellaire
Release Date: July 17, 2013

HPD_03-pr_Page1Half Past Danger #3 has the team in the thick of things while we learn more about the history of Captain John Noble.

Stephen Mooney has a fun series on his hands, with a fantastic campy adventure feel and some snappy dialogue. Half Past Danger #3 hit me like a ton of bricks with an Indiana Jones meets Captain America vibe, and when you add in dinosaurs I am just sold. Mooney does a fantastic job of making the world feel like an adventure flick akin to Indy without making it feel like a clone, and adds in a more adult tone to give his world a unique feeling. This issue is very accessible and while the world of Half Past Danger is Mooney’s own, he leans on situations and things all readers know very well (Nazis are bad) to reduce unnecessary dialogue and text and make readers feel at home in the world we are exploring. The dialogue throughout this issue is fantastic, with Noble and Irish hitting all the right notes in their conversations. Mooney’s dialogue appears to flow effortlessly with an extremely natural and comfortable pacing and he does an excellent job of balancing his slower scenes with an action packed ending. Mooney is writing a fantastic adventure story with Half Past Danger, and issue #3 highlights what an entertaining world he is building.

And Mooney’s art is what makes this world really shine. Being the writer and artist gives the comic an instant cohesiveness between visuals and words, and Mooney does a fantastic job of telling a lot of story using his pencils. The characters’ personalities shine through in the visuals, and the grand-adventure feeling explodes off of the page in the second half of the comic. Jordie Bellaire’s colour work does an excellent job of setting a tone for the series and gives it that dusty old adventure feel that suits the story so well. This comic is part of a fun and entertaining adventure and her colours suit Mooney’s art and script very well. Mooney and Bellaire are top notch team in this issue and the visuals they create make this comic soar.

Half Past Danger #3 is an entertaining read with a lot going right for it. This is adventure done right, and shows just how badly the world needs Stephen Mooney writing and drawing an Indiana Jones comic should he choose to move on from Half Past Danger.

Verdict: 9.0/10


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