Review: HAWKEYE #1

Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 14, 2016

“Excuse me, I’m here to make a deposit. Do you accept…SASS?!” Kate Bishop makes a stunning depute in her all new series in this first issue of Hawkeye!

Thompson knocks this first issue out of the park. Kate’s quips are superb and some of the observations Kate makes such as “more hot abs” for a man with clearly defined abs walking around or “Nature’s Ladder” for a palm tree nearby during a chase scene are hilarious. I love Kate’s first client Mikka from the get go and Kate’s instant chemistry and easy rapport with Ramone is really fun to read. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Ramone around.

Speaking of Ramone, I love how Ramone looks. Romero did a great job, from Ramone’s cool tattoos and outfit to her awesome pink hair. The president masks for robbers in an early scene are fun as well and the art just feels right for Hawkeye. It takes some influence, I feel, from what David Aja did but Romero’s own style definitely shines through.

His art, plus Jordie Bellaire’s spectacular coloring skills, create an upbeat aesthetic to look at. Ramone’s details, especially during crowd scenes, are just very well done and I’m excited to see more of his work as I read more Hawkeye issues.

My favorite panels throughout this first issue are definitely the scenes where Kate assesses her surroundings, though, my favorite of those scenes is the large panel where Kate assesses a lawn at a particular university. Romero and Bellaire populate the page with people of all different shapes and creeds, definitely having fun with a few like a certain shirtless young man.

The crowd really gives the feel of an actual college campus. The bird statue water fountain is a really fun little detail Romero adds as well. Thompson has a great time with her captions for observations. “More good abs”, “Delicious Sandwich”, and “Not Mikka” are my favorites in that panel.

Hawkeye starts its first issue off to a great start. I love the characters. I can’t wait to read more about Ramone. Kate’s character is constantly fun to watch, especially with her quick-thinking skills. While the twist in the end wasn’t exactly too big of a surprise, I’m excited to see where the first arc will go from there. What are you guys even doing reading my review? Go read Hawkeye now!

The Verdict: 10/10



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