Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Mike Deodato, Frank Martin, Cory Petit
Edited by Annalise Bissa, Jordan D. White
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 12, 2018

Those fucking rocks, am I right?

Gamora has all those little bastards in her possession and is following in Thanos’ footsteps as Infinity Wars continues, bringing readers alternate realities and some solid comedy as Loki attempts to install himself as Gamora’s “consultant”. Anyone who has been reading the series knows that there’s a solid amount of chaos going on at the moment and this issue takes all of that a step further as Gamora folds realities and attempts to peer into other universes, all the while fighting with Thanos and/or fate. This is good ol’ crazy Marvel Cosmic fun here, folks.

Gerry Duggan crafts one heck of an entertaining script here, giving readers loads of humour in and amongst the mentally heavy universe shifting and twisting that the Stones entail. He has a strong handle on the newly omnipotent Gamora, her wishes to right a great many wrongs but also how corrupting and mentally straining infinite power can be. Loki and Flowa act as great interpreters for readers who, like myself, tend to get lost in the comic book physics of the multiverse and Infinity Stones, but Duggan walks the fine line of not using them to dumb down the story too much either. He strikes that proper balance of making Infinity Wars accessible and wild all at once. This issue is also used to really springboard this event into the next phase, so there’s a fun aspect of unpredictable worldbuilding here. At this point, I really don’t know where this story is going to go, and that’s always been the fun of massive, universe altering events like Secret Wars, Infinity Gauntlet and, now, Infinity Wars.

Mike Deodato’s pencil work is solid throughout the issue and he captures the scope of the event well. I really like the grid overlay he’s used throughout this series on certain pages, I’ve found it brings an element of visual interest to his artwork and adds a new dynamic I’ve not seen in Deodato’s work in the past. He pencils Loki and the new characters well, capturing what their personalities would be without Duggan having to deep dive into dialogue or back stories for each. At a glance, we know who we’re dealing with and that saves a lot of slow story progression. Frank Martin’s colour work combines with Deodato’s pencils to provide an aesthetic that many Marvel readers will feel very comfortable, or at least familiar, with. He gives many cosmic elements some flare, like Gamora’s sword is seemingly thrumming with energy at all times. The two veterans are certainly no stranger to event-level stories and they handle this issue admirably.

If you’ve read the first two issues of Infinity Wars, you’ll know that pretty much anything can happen at this point in Gamora’s joyride with the Infinity Stones, and that’s a lot of fun. This issue is packed with worldbuilding for next phase of the event and the team executes this story well. I’m excited to see what Duggan, Deodato, Martin and Petit have in store for the Marvel Universe as this story progresses.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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