Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Andy MacDonald, Chris O’Halloran, Cory Petit
Edited by Annalise Bissa, Jordan D. White
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 19, 2018

SPOILERS: The first line in Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 is “This story takes place after the events of Infinity Wars #6”. As such, consider this your SPOILER WARNING not only for Infinity Wars, but also for this title, as I’m about to reveal who the titular “Fallen Guardian” is, since I really cannot do this review without such a reveal.

“I was reborn for vengeance.”

Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian is a nice character summary for Drax. Writer Gerry Duggan wraps up the arc he has put Drax on and puts a shiny bow on top, giving readers the story of Arthur Douglas, his transformation into Drax, and the lives beyond.

Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian winds up being the origin of Drax the Destroyer, with first-person narrative leading the way and appearances from Thanos (including the Thanoscopter!), Moondragon, Mentor, and more. The story itself didn’t need to be told to tie things off, but it is a nice requiem of sorts for a character that has become beloved.

The art, drawn by Andy MacDonald and colored by Chris O’Halloran is detailed and dynamic, yet stylized enough to project a timeless quality. Every character is distinct, the settings are clear, and the composition is sharp. O’Halloran uses a broad palette with unapologetically bold color choices evocative of the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but distinctly set in the space and events set forth by Duggan’s story.

MacDonald’s storytelling is clean and crisp, and in the flashback sequences, the non-linear choices MacDonald makes provide a montage-type feeling to the story’s flow. Letterer Cory Petit likewise has a nice sense of flow for his word balloons and captions, and definitely benefits from this story relying on collaboration rather than dictation.

My only gripe on the visuals of Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 is that everything has black ink outlines, save for Mentor’s white hair. I can appreciate that choice, but as the only color-dedicated set of outlines, it stands out as a distraction.

Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 is a decent book with a fair bit of nostalgia for Drax the Destroyer fans. It serves as a nice epilogue for Infinity Wars, but also stands solidly by itself. It’s not going to be required reading for anyone, but it is certain to find its fans, as the concept of the Guardians of the Galaxy closes one chapter and looks toward the future.

The Verdict: 8.0/10



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