Review: INHUMAN #7

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Pepe Larraz
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 29, 2014

Soule and Larraz check in on Maximus and the lost King, Black Bolt, in the newest issue of Inhuman.

Charles Soule takes Inhuman down a slightly different path this month, checking in on the whereabouts of the famous King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. As readers have known for quite awhile, he’s in the custody of his lunatic brother Maximus, who Soule does an excellent job of demon-izing in this issue. While Maximus has always been the black sheep of the Inhuman family, in recent months readers saw him helping the Illuminati, finally on the same page as his brother and perhaps turning a corner as a person? Nope. Maximus is as manipulative and terrible as always and Soule eloquently weaves that mean streak into every single bit of dialogue coming from his mouth in this issue. He cuts right to the core of what makes Maximus so dangerous and such a worthy foe of the immensely powerful Black Bolt. He is Blackagar’s Loki, and it shows in this comic. Soule introduces readers to some new Inhumans as well, and while it is being theorized that Inhumans are Marvel’s new mutants, it’s impossible to ignore that the same excitement exists whenever we get to read a new Inhuman character or new mutant. The duo Soule brings into this issue are an entertaining pair of police detectives and their banter is enjoyable throughout. In just a few pages I found myself wanting more and more of this pair, crushing cases Inhuman-style. What I found most impressive about the issue, though, is how powerful Medusa’s presence is. While she appears in only a few pages, her power and strength radiates through the issue and when she does appear, she owns the comic. While she does not lead the way in page count, this still feels like a Medusa comic and the Inhumans are certainly Medusa’s people. It leads to an interesting dynamic for Maximus and Black Bolt as the Inhumans are not short a powerful leader by any stretch.

Pepe Larraz delivers solid work in issue #7 and does a great job of capturing the madness in Maximus and the power of Medusa. He pencils strong characters in Auran and Nur, and his take on them is a large part of what makes them so immediately likable. From the first to the final page, Larraz seems very comfortable in the Inhuman space. The tone set by his work matches Soule’s writing very well and it is a pleasure to see two talents working together. The net result is a great final product for readers to enjoy.

Inhuman #7 is a strong comic with a very entertaining plot. With each issue, this series seems to be finding it’s space in the Marvel U a bit more and if Soule and his artistic collaborators can continue with this level of storytelling, Inhuman will be one of the strongest comics in the Marvel stable. I heartily look forward to issue #8.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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