Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Stjepan Sejic & Deron Bennett
Edited by Rob Levin, Rebecca Taylor, Marie Javins
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: September 26, 2018

I would say this comic is… Out of this world.

Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern, patrols the Ghost Sector, a realm of planets that mysteriously reappeared after being hidden long before. When she finds a Brainiac ship, she rightfully goes into attack mode, only to find her friends on board. The four team members have to make a quick escape and some quick adjustments to escape a gigantic threat, and when they land they aren’t quite sure if they’ve found another.

Justice League Odyssey is a lot in a very good way. The writing capitalizes on the characters’ connections, the art gets them and the space around them in truly stellar fashion. Each of these characters has had a long history, whether in our current continuity or before, and some of those factors peek through the storytelling to honor their legacy. One of my favorite things about the feel of this comic is the fact that with the four heroes, there’s a sort of elemental vibe. They each channel something different that coalesces into an interesting balance, and to some degree this even becomes part of the story, one of the plot elements I’m most excited to see develop as the series continues.

I applaud Joshua Williamson on how well these characters fit together. Some of them have history, others don’t. Yet, they feel like a team that can easily play to their strengths. Williamson imbues these characters with emotions and compassion, and each of their reactions to every change feels real to life. Even through conflict, all of them find a way to manage what is happening around them, and that’s a sign of many good things in their world but also ours.

I can’t say enough how stellar Stjepan Sejic is for this inaugural issue. One of my favorite things about Sejic’s art is the particular attention to detail, a style that is fitting for this story and setting. There’s a lot of debris, a lot of emotions, and a lot of sharp angles, all things suited to this aesthetic. From the monstrous to the technological, Sejic captures significant aspects of the environment and characters that strengthen the story and how everything moves within it.

When I first saw the characters for Justice League Odyssey I knew it would jive with me. As I was reading, I saw some of my favorite things in comics: expert use of color, emotional relationships, and wonderful use of form. The creative team and their interpretation of these characters are an invigorating mix that will no doubt provide excellent storytelling and an engaging narrative.

The Verdict: 10/10


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