Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, and Alex Sinclair
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: January 11, 2017

We’re two issues away from the finale of the JL vs. SS and the fourth issue brings the pain, along with a last page that one ups the series yet again.

Picking up immediately after last issues cliffhanger that the previously thought Nightmare Army of Maxwell Lord holds deeper ties to Amanda Waller, as the cover shows in all of its glory Belle Reve is attacked and it’s here the Justice League and Suicide Squad put their differences aside to unexpected results.

Maxwell quickly asserts himself as someone attempting to do the right thing in his own twisted way and shows he has some tricks up his sleeve that confirm his threat level. One Emerald Eye blast later and quicker than Harley can pop her gum, all bets are off and the fight has begun.

The Nightmare Army are in full form in the pages to follow, confirming why Amanda had them locked away, underground, completely cut off from any type of society other than soldiers guarding them. Johnny Sorrow summons all manner of beast and monster filling up a horrific splash page that overtakes our heroes and villains.

Battles begin to spill out elsewhere, the panels bleeding in and out of each other to keep up with the carnage and moving plots. We never spend much time with one set character given the nature of the event and the ticking time bomb that Max has coerced Killer Frost into helping him get. Williamson maintains a handle on voicing the characters, winding up the plot for it’s next installment, and dropping teasers and mysteries for readers to follow in other titles.

The action oriented issue provides for light dialogue and a chance for Pasarin to really venture out into the wild, weird, and realistic take of what JL vs. SS has been doing. Deadshot and Batman vs. Lobo shows how “the Main Man” can take a few blasts — and maybe a close quarters explosion to the head — in all of the grizzly details.

While not being as bright and flashy as the previous issues, the colors are apparent and given the extreme nature of this chapter, it’s passable. Pasarin captures the facial expressions excellently and the high octane action pages, splash and all have all the specific details that make you want to absorb everything that’s happening.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad continues to build on previous issues of the event in every way. Character relationships are touched upon, teasers for story lines in the larger Rebirth spectrum are seen, and just when you think everything is as it appears… the creative team drops another bombshell and includes another wrinkle into the mix providing a last page that’ll be sure to hold us over for another week.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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