Written by Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh
Art by Carey Pietsch, Maarta Laiho
Published by BOOM! Comics
Release Date: August 17, 2016

Roanoke Cabin sets out on another mythological quest after a mysterious occurrence in the Zodiac Cabin! Will they be able to defeat a certain Ancient Greek monster, or will their friends befall a terrible fate?

Lumberjanes brings it’s A-game to this new story arc. The combination of Watters and Leyh creates sharp, witty, and ever smart humor and one-liners page after page. The writing for April is superb and solidifies her as my spirit animal with lines like “We’ll investigate after breakfast. Right now, though, it’s time for waffle sticks and FRIENDSHIP”. The sort of love triangle between transgender woman Jo, nonbinary Barney, and cis gender April is intriguing, especially without Jo’s maliciousness and jealousy from earlier chapters. Just the usage of “their” for Barney highlights the inclusivity Lumberjanes brings to the all-age comic genre.

Pietsch’s art, matched with Laiho’s coloring, gives Lumberjanes its signature bright and fun look. Jo and Ripley’s character designs are my personal favorite, but I do have trouble choosing between any of the characters because they all have very distinct and unique body types and character designs, demonstrating the creative capacity in the makers of this comic. The scene where April makes sure everyone is ready for a breakfast with Zodiac Cabin (including her combing Mal’s hair and brushing Ripley’s teeth) is my favorite, and drawn fabulously.

The quartet combine their efforts well when it comes to what will probably be the theme of this arc—family. The facial expression when Molly empathizes with Diane about her family situation, the talk between Ripley and Mal about different types of families, the possibility of the main supposed bad of the arc having a family issue of her own all allow this theme to weave seamlessly throughout the scenes and starts the new adventure off on the right foot.

Lumberjanes is a spectacular comic. This issue is no different. From Molly having her own Greek mythology fanfic down to the fun design of the monster, this issue, like most if not all the issues I’ve read of this series, is unique and a pleasure to read. I highly recommend this comic to people of all ages.

The Verdict: 10/10


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