Written by Ted Anderson
Art by Agnes Garbowska
Published by IDW Publishing
Release Date: July 16, 2014

Theft! Running from the law! That’s right – My Little Pony is a crime book now.

Well, sorta. Trixie is on the scene in issue #21 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and that immediately means some trouble for the gang of ponies. I’ll throw out a disclaimer right now: I have a daughter who watches MLP, and while I’m no brony, I do know the character’s names and voices, etc. That knowledge helps with the enjoyment of this comic, and makes it easy to see how well it is written. Ted Anderson writes these characters well and, above all else, really gets their voices. He writes these ponies as you can hear them speak on the show, which really sells the authenticity of this story.

This issue really reads like the first part of an episode of the show, with the pacing spot on and character interpretations that will leave fans very happy. These Ponies are likable, with their best traits on display and some solid all-ages one-liners from Anderson give this comic some fun to look forward to for adults as well. Writing a property based on a cartoon and making it accessible and enjoyable for kids and adults is no easy feat, but Anderson does it well with this issue. This is an entertaining read for all-ages, and it is nice to see that in comics today.

The charm of this comic really comes from the artwork of Agnes Garbowska. These characters are cute and she captures the spirit of the show, and each individual pony, very well. Her artwork is very expressive, displaying a lot of emotion very easily, making it easy for younger readers to pick up on immediately. Garbowska brings a lot of fun to this comic, with her style giving the script a lot of energy. She handles the subtleties of each pony very well, with small facial tells that fit their personalities and enhance the story well. Garbowska is a great fit for this title, and her work compliments the franchise well.

Anderson and Garbowska deliver a rock solid issue of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic this month. This comic really has everything you can expect from an issue of MLP, and fans of the series will find a lot to like within these pages. This cute story is a lot of fun, and sometimes that is just a good thing.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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