Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Deodato
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 13, 2014

All Hell breaks loose as Nick Fury goes on the offensive in Original Sin #7, a book where Aaron and Deodato crank up the action as they drive us toward the conclusion of the series.

While the last couple issues have featured quite a bit of Nick Fury explaining his current predicament, issue #7 of Original Sin is all action. This series has been priming for one heck of a fight and readers are getting it now. Aaron paces this issue well, letting the explosive fights happen for the proper amounts of time while also giving readers a long-awaited glimpse at what went down during the Watcher’s final moments. While Fury hasn’t quite laid out all of his secrets, there is enough going on in this issue to guarantee you’ll be back for #8 as there are so many wheels in motion right now that it would be impossible to stop reading this close to the end. Aaron has crafted a solid story in the event, and issue #7 showcases more of his skilled writing. The Fury “situation” opens up many questions and possibly a whole in the defense of the Earth, and the immense power of the ever-thrumming Watcher’s eyes continues to keep this comic exciting. Seeing how things are unfolding and weaving into some major Marvel announcements is as exciting as superhero comics get, and Aaron does a great job of showing that this event is far from over, laying out major heroes with major secrets and capping the issue with an eerie cliffhanger. Aaron is at the top of his game, and issues like Original Sin #7 show that there can be some great comics in the major event books.

Mike Deodato takes it up a notch in this issue, delivering some fantastic action sequences and great splash pages. This one is heavy on the action so Deodato can really cut loose, and he does. Old Man Fury radiates power and the flashback sequences to the Watcher’s final moments are powerful works of art. His style is the perfect fit for the script, and this story has gained a lot of weight through his skilled artwork. His layouts are dynamic and keep the book visually interesting and he continues to handle the massive cast very well. He gives the huge moments of this issue their time without being over the top and wasting storytelling space. Frank Martin’s colour work is great in this issue as well, especially where The Watcher is concerned. His work matches Deodato’s style perfectly and his strong work elevates the artwork as a whole.

Original Sin #7 is an entertaining, action packed comic that is full of huge moments befitting an event this large. Aaron and Deodato are primed for a big finish, and I can’t wait to see how they wrap this one up.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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