Review: POWER UP #4


Written by Kate Leth
Art by Matt Cummings
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: October 28, 2015

Issue #4 sees Power Up move past its half way point as it approaches a climax that, if this issue is anything to go on, will be all laser whale, all the time. Not content to have the most action of any issue yet, issue #4 also has the most character development and the most heart as Kate Leth and Matt Cummings bring the team together to fight a villain who is equal parts exuberant and exasperated.

What strikes me is how, after only 4 issues, the characters already seem so established. I think this is due in part to how relatable they are and it speaks volumes as to Kate Leth’s skills as a writer. I can think of maybe five Sandys in my life and at least twice as many Amies. It’s hard not to find them all a little endearing though, as they struggle to figure out how their powers work, where they came from, and how to live following what can only be described as a pretty huge life change.

That said it is Sandy who stands out as she, more than anyone, has to deal with not just the realization that she can now fly but the fall out of her family, and most notably her husbands, discovery of who, and potentially what, she has become. This feels like a huge – and welcome – break from a tradition that keeps women at home, and although understandably upset, portrayed as unreasonable in their reactions to finding out that their husband, or their children, have found themselves in possession of powers.

Thanks to artist Matt Cummings and his nods to manga in the facial expressions and palette full of pinks and purples, every single page of this book is adorable, however it is page 1 that’s wins the grand prize for cute. I am not joking, it is the cutest thing. There is a kiss and a wink, Norah Jones playing in the background, and a million fuzzy feels for Derek and Sal. It is an actual treasure of an opener. And while we are on the subject cute, I should probably mention the cover because, and I hope I’m not alone on this but, I am now crushing pretty hard on Kevin. Was that your plan all along, Cummings, because I’m on to you!

Kate Leth and Matt Cummings are honestly doing such good work on this book. The fact that it has not been picked up turned into animated series yet is, in my opinion, an absolute travesty. Every issue is better than the last. The characters are rich, the story is nuanced and, most importantly, it is just so much fun.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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