Written by Jeremy Whitley
Art by Emily Martin, Ainhoa Aramayo, and Brett Grunig
Published by Action Lab
Release Date: November 28, 2018

Adrienne, flying through the dessert, looks for one of her sister’s hidden in a giant tower guarded by a giant sphinx! Will Adrienne be able to rescue yet another sister from her prison? Find out in this issue of Princeless!

It’s been a while since I’ve read Princeless, but it’s fun to jump right in once more. I remembered Princeless being a exciting romp, and this didn’t let me down. The issue does remind me to go back into the series and read the last few volumes because there isn’t much of a recap within the book on what happened the previous issues.

I like the layout of the pages. I’m not quite sure who decides how the layout goes for pages, but I like how panels overlap with each other, the use of the space on the page feels practical and efficient.

I love the artwork in this comic. I love the character design of Sparky, I love Adrienne’s suit of armor, I love how animated the faces can be, especially Adrienne’s, and I love how animated the scenes feel, whether it’s Sparky crash landing and Adrienne toppling off the dragon or when Adrienne’s fighting with the living sand over her helmet. I especially love the splash page with the living sand staring down at Adrienne, the character design for the creature if amazing.

The coloring is perfect as well. I love how light and bright the scenes are, they add to the cartoonish feel of the actions.

The lettering is superb as well. I like how some of the lettering is integrated into scenes, like the “GRAB! BIND! SNARE encircle” noises of the sand taking hold of Adrienne or the “stagger” of the imposter king wobbling backwards after Tempest headbutts him. It’s great work.

One of the best things in the issue is at the end, where you get to see a few of the script pages for Princeless. Seeing the behind the scenes work is always so cool and I appreciate the little tidbits of it at the end.

I would suggest reading Princeless: Find Yourself #1 only if you’ve either 1) read the previous volumes or 2) want to take the time to read the previous volumes of Princeless before jumping into this story. I love the issue, but it would have been much better if I was caught up on the story, since it feels like this is part way through a story arc.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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