Written by Mark Waid
Art by Terry Dodson
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 4, 2015

Finally! The Princess Leia story that many of us have been desperately wishing for as long as we can remember.

What is a princess without a world? Here we get our first glimpse at just what that looks like. Since the destruction of Alderaan (Not a spoiler, since everyone has seen Star Wars… right?) Leia Organa has been trying to figure out just where she fits in amongst the rebellion.  There are battles to fight! Civilians to protect! Blasters to pew pew pew!

But alas, our intergalactic princess has been benched for safety. Will Leia sit around while people make decisions on her behalf? I think you can guess. Her home has been destroyed, making her one of the very last of her people.  Now is the time to stand and fight, not hide in the shadows while others do all of the work.

I was happy to see some familiar faces in the first few pages of the book. Terry Dodson brings the characters to life with a beautifully reinvigorated vibe. Leia’s new friend Evaan has the makings of a large and extremely entertaining personality, giving us some of that famous star wars banter that made the movies so colorful.

It’s clear that Mark Waid knows what he’s doing and was absolutely the right choice for this project. This seasoned writer/artist team has hit yet another home run with their flawless juxtaposition of talent. I cannot wait to read the next four parts of this mini-series and see just how far Princess Leia takes us.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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