Review: PROPHECY #1

Written by Ron Marz
Art by Walter Geovani
Release Date: June 6, 2012

It’s like Dynamite is having a party and invited a whole bunch of their characters. Prophecy is a title that spans multiple timelines, following a Mayan dagger and the foretold 2012 end of the world. There isn’t a whole lot of story to be had in the first issue, but it succeeds as a big fight book. On their own, I may not be interested in these characters, but together, it just screams over the top action.

Ron Marz is a veteran of the comic book industry, and his work on this book is very solid. The story moves along at a quick pace, but doesn’t spend too much time on any one character. I appreciated the fact that this book isn’t overwritten; a comic like this could suffer from trying to explain too much, right away. He seems to be enjoying writing these characters, and it shows throughout the book.

The art by Walter Geovani is competent, though underwhelming. There are some very nice pages in the comic, and his work with Red Sonja is the overall best. My biggest problem is the lack of definition in the people that he draws. He does a very nice job with the backgrounds in the bigger scenes, but seems to take the easy way out when it comes to character faces.

This is a setup issue, which gives a clue to what we can expect in later issues of the series. Overall though, if it is a fun read that you are looking for, with a bunch of recognizable comic faces, then this book is for you. I hope this crossover continues to build off the first issue and gives us some solid action to go with its popcorn story.

Verdict: 7.0/10


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