Written by Chris Sims
Art by Joe Hunter, Josh Krach, and Dylan Todd
Published by Action Age Comics

In the new Comixology Submit title Radical Guardian Skater X #1, Theo and Ria defend the Ramp City High School students from the ill-effects of stress. Something is going on in Ramp City High School that is causing students not only to stress out, but become Pressure Demons in the process. Theo takes up the mantle of Radical Guardian Skater X and — with the help of Ria — hopes to get to the bottom of this conundrum.

Chris Sims (of Comics Alliance) writes not only a tale of fun and adventure, but a moral lesson of not allowing stress to consume your life. The antagonist of issue #1 is a high school student named Jerry, stressing out over midterms. The overwhelming stress of the test transforms into the Pressure Demon, Testor. Stress consumes the individual and it becomes you.

The pacing of the story kept everything moving briskly and did not let the story drag for too long. Action sequences are energetic with lively dialogue. The emotional beats were well-placed and given some room to breathe. The reader is just given a glimpse of the characters, but what is present does show some depth. Theo is presented as a hero that doesn’t only give one-liners but earnestly cares about his antagonist. It’s a quite a refreshing change of pace to the landscape of super serious heroes that grimace and sulk about.

Joe Hunter’s art is something special. Hunter displays masterful skill as his characters act stunningly. The range of emotions present in the art is something to behold. His character designs are exciting with no two characters looking the same. The design of Radical Guardian Skater X is fantastic. The color palette of the Skater is great and visually interesting with the blue and orange. The use of the scarf is brilliant because it gives the character design a dramatic flair that makes action sequences even more interesting.

Hunter’s knack for action is also something that deserves mention. The book is an action-oriented title and Hunter makes it visually interesting with creative layouts that create a flow, drawing readers’ eyes in the best way possible. The fighting style uses the skateboard angle to add great dynamic visuals for the comic.

The color effects Hunter adds to his work brings a printed on newsprint feel to the comic. To be a digital comic, it is nice to see pages that look to have texture to them.  The color effect further creates a throwback feel to the comic.

Radical Guardian Skater X #1 is a really good comic. It is exciting. It is fun. It is a comic with heart. There is a message to Skater X that isn’t just about the radical action but instead about the stress that affects teenagers and the danger it possesses. The art is excellent with its dynamic flow and character work. Radical Guardian Skater X #1 is a blast to the past reminiscent of Sega Genesis games you would find on the shelves of the local video rental store.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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