Review: REDLANDS #4

Written by: Jordie Bellaire
Art by: Vanesa R. Del Rey, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles
Published  By: Image Comics
Release Date: November 8, 2017

Redlands #3 left us with more questions than ever before, and of course Issue #3 does not answer any of them. At this point in the series, that should be the expectation- more and more mystery, fewer and fewer answers. Some might think that being dragged along for four issues with hardly any actual idea what is happening or who is good or bad would be a nightmare, but Redlands continues to be one of the most inventive, interesting books on the shelf. Come for the Witches, stay for the…well, the witches. They’re amazing. But visit Redlands, it’s a wild ride.

At this point, I am convinced Jordie Bellaire is one of these Redlands witches. She is following behind them like a ghost, painting sunsets and drops of blood where they once stood, and opening dark doorways to nowhere and trapping them inside. Redlands is mixed up, messed up, and undeniably beautiful.

In Redlands #4, the characters of the three main witches start to develop a bit more, and their individual personalities are beginning to take shape through their interactions with one another. The short vignettes and glimpses into their personal lives piece together a history that spans hundreds of years and seemingly multiple lifetimes.

Redlands is beginning to take shape in this issue as well. Old mysteries come back to haunt the town, and new information changes the scope of history. As more mysteries are unraveled and revealed, the supernatural aspects of the town are coming together in new ways. In a town run by witches, there are bound to be more secrets.

The art continues to be strong as well, and perfect for the tone of the series. Vanesa R. Del Rey melds creepy and pretty like no one else, which is an absolute necessity for this book. The innovative angles and creative character design enhance the tone of the narrative and build the witches of Redlands into the strange, wonderful creatures the are. Clayton Cowles continues to deliver strong, effective  lettering that makes this twisting, turning story easy to follow.

Redlands is starting to pick up its pace and deliver more supernatural storylines and new stories. As the plot comes together, there are only more mysteries and unanswered questions. I can’t wait to see what these witches get into next.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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