Written by Patrick Gleason
Art by Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: February 17, 2016

A kid and his dog. Well…his Werebat. Same difference if you’re Robin, Son of Batman, and Gotham is your home.

Patrick Gleason is back at the helm with issue #9 and this series is great when that is the case. Gleason’s take on Damian is by far and wide my favourite I have ever read and this issue is no exception. Gleason’s Damian is the perfect balance of being a kid but also being the most dangerous Robin in the history of the title. That dichotomy doesn’t work when some creators try to use Damian for a specific purpose, but Gleason balances the two aspects of Damian very well.

As has always been the case while Gleason has worked on the character, Damian has emotional ties to his father that are explored well, considering the state of Bruce at the time of this issue. A lot for a kid to process? You’re damn right it’s a lot for a kid to process and Gleason shows Damian’s decision to uphold his Wayne legacy well in this comic. He also gives long time Damian readers some great moments with Damian’s extended “family” and an update on Nobody. Both are definitely welcomed, as Gleason has built a great supporting world for Damian that I find missing when he’s brought into other books. This issue has some “transition” feel to it, but Gleason’s got enough going on to make it work and keep it from feeling like total filler.

The artwork is exceptional from start to finish, as can be expected from Gleason at this point. His pages with Goliath are phenomenal and Damian is emotionally expressive throughout the issue. Gleason is one of the most consistent artists at DC Comics today and his work in this issue is excellent. John Kalisz’s colour work makes these dynamic characters leap from the page and the action sequences in the issue are given a lot of extra flare from his colours. This is a damn good looking comic.

Robin: Son Of Batman #9 is a great read. A talented storyteller gives readers a great take on a dynamic character and his posse while ushering in a new chapter for the youngest Robin. Damian’s a special kid and Robin: Son Of Batman is a special comic.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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