Review: ROCHE LIMIT #2

RocheLimit02_CoverROCHE LIMIT #2
Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Vic Malhotra
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: October 29, 2014

Moreci and Malhotra continue to build their sci-fi noir as they flesh out the characters and world of Roche Limit in this second issue.

Michael Moreci is clearly playing the long game with this series, using the story of finding a missing girl to explore the political landscape of the corrupt Roche Limit. In this issue he balances world building and character moments well, giving his primary characters their chances to shine and become more rounded while also planting his hooks in readers with this intriguing universe. I will admit the setting is as big a hook as the noir-ish mystery is for me, with questions about the science of this world as interesting as the characters that are living in it. The political structure of this seedy world grows more complex by the page, and the “industrial philosophy” delivered in the first pages of the issue make this so much more than a mystery…Roche Limit is actually a sci-fi noir, a thing I once thought impossible to pull off.

Vic Malhotra is a large part of why the noir works with the sci-fi as his style allows the dirty and gritty side of Roche Limit to be explored. His work has a great indie vibe to it and I felt throughout the issue like I was looking at something with the feel of Blade Runner, but uniquely it’s own concept as well. Malhotra’s artwork matches Moreci’s dialogue perfectly, the two creators building this world together very well to provide readers with a cohesive story. Powerful characters leap from the page and moments of outrage are delivered well by Malhotra as he expresses the emotions of the characters very well. He is a talent to be watched, and Roche Limit shows exactly what he is capable of.

Roche Limit #2 is a solid follow up to a strong debut for the creator-owned series that feels like it is going all out…and succeeding. Moreci and Malhotra are building a world and telling a character driven story all at once, an ambitious goal that they are achieving so far. The design of this book is great, with integration of corporate-style infographics juxtaposing with Malhotra’s artwork well, giving Roche Limit a very unique feel. If you are a noir fan, or someone who enjoys gritty comics with a bit of a scientific flair, I highly recommend Roche Limit. Moreci and Malhotra are delivering some of their best work I have ever read.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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