Review: SHE-HULK #2

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Javier Pulido
Published by Marvel Comics
Release date March 5, 2014

SHEHULK2014002_DC11_LRWhen there is a great green glare two-page spread that takes your by surprise in the middle of a comic, you know you’re in for a fantastic ride. It’s this attention grabber that shows Javier Pulido’s art is one of the strongest things selling She-Hulk this week.

Charles Soule uses his inside knowledge of the legal system to set up our always loveable Shulkie with her own law-firm, continuing to build the story laid out in issue one. While the original issue felt more like a zero-issue style background and set-up for things to come, issue two gets to the heart and action. Along with a superheroes based building, where it will be easy for plenty of action to happen, Jennifer Walters gains a unique paralegal and also gets a chance to hangout with the highly under-utilized Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat! It’s a “girls night out” that bashes it’s way into your heart. In an almost comedy of errors (or maybe it’s just the booze) the girls seemingly find themselves thwarted in an attempt to find bad-guys to beat-up.

Throughout this Pulido works his magic by showing every weary moment Jennifer and Patsy are facing professionally and personally. It’s this “can’t catch a break” but “always willing to fight” feeling that Pulido seems to convey well on the lady’s faces. Also, the broad based layouts that show action, ala FF, are fun and dynamic. However, as a mentioned before, the two page spread of She-Hulk’s reaction to being challenged, when it matters most, takes the book over the top and creates such a memorable, and quotable, scene!

Soule and Pulido have a magical formula here that combines everything that is fun and intoxicating about She-Hulk throughout the years and gives it a contemporary appeal.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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