Review: SHE-HULK #3

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Javier Pulido
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 2, 2014

SHEHULK2014003_DC11Jennifer Walters has started her own practice, with Kristoff Vernard being her latest client. Yup, the son of Doom is She-Hulk’s client. Cue the glory.

She-Hulk is a series that started strong out of the gate and is only getting stronger. Charles Soule is locked in on this character and his take on Jennifer Walters is absolutely fantastic. The entire predicament he has created for the Marvel U’s favourite lawyer is nothing short of brilliant and this comic has all the energy of the early Hawkeye issues. Soule’s dialogue makes this issue soar. The interactions between Jennifer and Kristoff are some of the most entertaining scenes in months and Soule uses every panel featuring the two characters to maximum efficiency. This is a verbose comic, but not in a bad way. Just as in previous issues, this isn’t a fast chew, but when it is this good you want it to be dense. You want a lot of story to savour, and Soule delivers from the first page to the last. He is one of the hottest writers in the industry right now, and She-Hulk is his best work. He is making She-Hulk a legal force to be reckoned with as well as a powerful hero, and he is doing it with a ton of heart and some amazing humour.

Javier Pulido is really getting comfortable with the world of She-Hulk, and really putting his stamp on the character. He is building her world, as we know it, and bringing a really slick style to the book. His art captures the humour of the situations brilliantly and his layouts are absolutely fantastic. Every character shines by his hand, and side characters are dynamic. She-Hulk herself explodes from the page whenever she is on it, powerful, intelligent and full of heart, with Pulido’s art bringing a warmth to the title. This book has heart and humour and it certainly isn’t just in the script. Pulido holds up his end of the bargain to say the least, and delivers some top notch work in this issue. While his style wouldn’t work for every story, it is perfect for this one and he and Soule are on fire.

If issue #3 of She-Hulk is any indication, this title is not slowing down at all. If you’ve been hooked in by the series, like damn near everyone who has read it, this is a no brainer: you have to get this issue. If you haven’t tried She-Hulk yet, worried it might fizzle out after a couple strong issues, your wait is over. It is stronger than ever, and it’s time to jump on the train and enjoy one of the most entertaining series in stores today.

You need to go buy this comic. Right now. Chop chop.

The Verdict: 10/10

A preview of this issue can be found on Comicosity!



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One Comment;

  1. Clint Taylor said:

    I would’ve dropped this series this week if it wasn’t for the cover of #3. And I sure am glad I didn’t drop it; this one got me hooked for the long haul. The first two issues had too much lawyer-specific humor that I didn’t “get” and lacked a solid plot direction. Maybe I also needed some adjustment for the art style. However, I now appreciate the art for its clarity and unique “pop.” The book can be understood, panel-by-panel, without reading any the text boxes. and Soule found a balance this issue to making the law as interesting as the action. As you said, Pulido and Soule are are fire, but I would add that they just ignited this issue.

    As a side note, that assisstant–Angie–seems to be a promising character. I just got a hint of her possible super powers at the end of this issue.