Written by Grace Kraft
Art by Kat Hayashida, Whitney Cogar, Mike Fiorentino and Missy Peña
Edited by Whitney Leopard and Michael Moccio
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: February 28, 2018

Defining Togetherness

Filled with friendship and laughter, Kraft and Hayashida’s tale highlights the continued trial of understanding between Peridot and Lapis, Garnet’s ultimate wisdom and Steven’s desire to see the beauty and joy all around us.

Embracing The Present

Grace Kraft’s issue 13 perfectly fits within the magical world of Steven Universe and can easily be seen as a classic episode starring the favorite duo of Peridot and Lapis. When Peridot is trying to spend time with a reluctant and down-in-the-dumps Lapis, Steven tries to see how he can cheer up Lapis, learning she’s dealing with something greater than loneliness. From Peridot’s hilarious opening scenes cleaning up their place to Steven and Lapis’ afternoon out at Funland, Kraft brings a familiar charm and warmth to these beloved characters. Most importantly, using Garnet as a point of clarity, Kraft wonderfully illustrates with fantastic depth a way to understand our place in the universe and how to get the most of our time in this world with the individuals we cherish.

A Pallet of Friendship

Kat Hayashida’s art compliments Kraft’s storyline beautifully, from every clumsy action by Peridot to the boardwalk at Funland to the plush scenery Lapis gazed at while contemplating how she can make the world a better place. The shimmer of Garnet’s “future vision”, the whimsical movement of Steven bouncing into the air and the fluidity of Lapis’ wings all play a part in the enjoyment of this story with a foundation of friendship.

A Warm Look At The Universe

This ongoing Steven Universe series continues to be a breath of fresh air of Rebecca Sugar’s celebrated cartoon, bringing both fun and deep conversation everyone can relate to, whether you’re a fan of the show or not. I happily and definitely recommend this series for readers young and old.

The Verdict: 9.0 Fry Bits out of 10!


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