Written by Grace Kraft
Art by Meg Omac, Whitney Cogar, Mike Fiorentino & Grace Park
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release Date: June 28, 2017

A day in the life of Lion.

After returning from a magical trip, Lion lounges under the deck of the Gems’ home. As Connie and Steven head for a celebratory donut, they wonder what their large pink friend does all day. Within moments, Lion is traipsing around Beach City and the temple showing that there’s far more to him than being seriously sleepy.

Steven Universe #5 keeps with the charm extant throughout the series. Lion as the focus doesn’t have the same emotional exploration we’ve seen in previous issues, but this issue is still delightful, exposing us to Lion’s own adventures away from Steven. Such a story works within the framework of the comic, though while I enjoy the all-ages feeling, I do somewhat miss what we get out of developing other characters rather than something that feels much less connected to the life and mythos of Beach City.

Grace Kraft’s tiny character vignettes dot this tale, bringing out humorous moments from many of them. Each person is true to form, which points to how everything that happens isn’t just about Lion, but they’re also about the denizens of their oceanside town.

Meg Omac draws characters with an expressiveness that reminds me of reading Sunday comics in the newspaper. Rather than going the subdued route, characters’ reactions to their current situations, especially those involving Lion, are the right kind of exaggerated. I like the varied style and how it amps up emotions, yet it can also feel slightly off at different points, like for Steven and Pearl, whose appearance seems less consistent in different panels. However, while this style may not work at specific times, the slight animation feel does stick the landing in some great moments, like Peridot’s tense confrontation with Lion in the cornfield.

With the focus on Lion, Whitney Cogar’s colors convey the magic that surrounds that still cryptic creature. Every scene has a fitting weight which helps to express the story’s lightness. Steven Universe #5 almost feels like a slice-of-life story, even if about a magical lion. Cogar puts forth an air of levity throughout the issue using pastels that carries the lightheartedness of Lion’s adventure.

The fifth issue of Steven Universe operates in the same vein of its preceding chapters, focusing on the everyday exploits of the characters of this media. The story may not pack the same punch this time and some of the art can feel strange, but it is still an enjoyable tale that I think would work well as its own episode. Seeing what Lion is up to during the day was nice, and I like how this issue fits the underlying spirit of the themes that have been set forth so far.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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