Written by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Release Date: January 9, 2013


Warning: This review is written as if you read Amazing Spider-Man #700 or at least know what happens. At this point I think everyone knows, but still a disclaimer nonetheless. 

With one of the most controversial comic endings in 2012 comes one of Marvel’s biggest new series in the Marvel NOW! 2013 line up. Since issue #700 is where most of the controversy wrapped up, Superior #1 deals with Doc Ock getting  used to Spider-Man’s normal Peter Parker life and also a run in with the new Sinister Six.

Many people swore off Spider-Man after #700 and they should heavily reconsider because this book is great fun. There was so much in this book that I loved. SpOck’s (Spider-Man+Doc Ock) inner monologue throughout the whole issue was interesting and funny.  You can tell Slott is in absolute love with Doctor Octopus. The character is so fleshed out and interesting it will be a shame to lose this character once everything goes back to normal (whenever that will be who knows). My favorite part of the issue had to be the new Sinister Six. The new S6 was loaded with B-team Spider-Man villains who I fell in love with from old 90’s Spider-Man cartoons and video games. SpOck’s interactions with them were spot on, especially the end of the comic when he gave his critique of their ‘master plan.’ Superior also has an extremely solid reveal on the final page that is going to make the rest of the series very intriguing. Be careful though, because it is being spoiled EVERYWHERE! Oddly enough, Rob Liefeld on twitter ruined it for me…

One scene that stood out to me was the dinner scene between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. The writing, art, and layout came together to create the perfect storm. It was centered around Ock’s ego at the ease of being Spider-Man.  From the first panel with his inner monologue ‘blocking’ MJ’s speech bubbles to the final panel where Peter Parker is drawn perfectly to show off his new attitude, I couldn’t help but love the direction the series is going.

Stegman’s art  was solid. I think his art fits the tone of the book quite well. It’s not too over the top with character design and it avoids the gritty look I was expecting when I first heard of a “new, darker, Spider-Man.” His action scenes were exciting and full of life, and I thought his version of Spider-Man was excellent. The only part of the art department I had a problem with was the that the final few pages of the story had a lot of dead white space. The white dead space didn’t ruin the experience by any means., but it was distracting and I think something creative could have been done to maximize every page.

The bottom line is that the book is a ton of fun. It’s a ridiculous concept that can only work in the comic book medium and, honestly, that’s why I read them. If this was just a summer event or promoted differently, I think the Spidey fans would be eating this whole thing up. Sometimes the hype outgrows the story and that’s when we see what happened with the public outcry of the Amazing #700 into Superior #1.

The status quo will be back soon enough, but for now enjoy a story outside the box.

Verdict: 9.0/10

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