Review: THE MIGHTY THOR #706

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Russell Dauterman, Matt Wilson, Joe Sabino
Edited by Wil Moss, Sarah Brunstad
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 25, 2018

“…one last krakkakoooom.”

I’ve been pissed off about this for months. Ask anyone. I’ve been raging mad that this storyline was coming to an end – the greatest Thor storyline I’ve ever read and my favourite superhero story arc ever.

I have loved The Mighty Thor.

So when the ripples start flowing through the press releases that there might be an end to this story…and end to this Mighty Thor…an end to the run that made my daughter’s eyes light up and her say “A GIRL HAS THE HAMMER!?!?!?”…I’m not impressed. I said “pissed off” before, but doesn’t scratch the surface. I made the God Tempest and her furious storm look like a tranquil breeze calmly blowing across a field. The Mangog? A puppy. 13/10, would snuggle.

Fine, so I’m beating this point down the way the Mangog was handing Asgardians their asses before Jane dealt with him. You get the point.

So how in the hell am I now calm? How am I at peace, nay, somewhat happy, even? What dark magic did Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, Matt Wilson and Joe Sabino just inflict upon me? I guess the magic was The Mighty Thor #706.

The art, as always, is phenomenal. Dauterman and Wilson are one of those artist/colourist pairings that are spoken of for a long time and I hope this isn’t the last collaboration we see from the pair. Joe Sabino’s lettering is on point, properly giving these titans the voices they deserve. These are literal gods throwing down epic statements and Sabino does a great job making sure the thunder in their words rings down from the heavens. Jason Aaron…well, he does okay too. When you hear the word “Thor” there are several names that come to mind, namely heavyweights like Kirby and Simonson, but if you aren’t also thinking “Aaron” by this point…well I don’t know how to help you.

Each of these skilled creative talents bring their A-game to this issue, but the thing that really makes The Mighty Thor #706 work is something that you can feel in every balloon, every panel, every word: love.

This team loves Jane.

They’ve loved her since the first cover, the first panel…since before the world got to see the first issue. It is evident in every panel of this issue that these creators have more than respect for the character, they genuinely love her. If she was destined to set the hammer down at some point, I can imagine no better a send off than the one these gifted storytellers have given her, thunderous, touching and entertaining to say the least.

Thor has meant so much to so many people since she lifted the hammer on the moon all those years ago (years, people – how blessed a time has it been?). These creators know it and they show it in this comic. While we never know what the future holds in comics for any character, we received an exceptional story arc for Jane and, let’s face it, Mjolnir. The mighty Mjolnir is no longer a blunt instrument in the hands of a burly blonde guy anymore. This hammer held the fury of the greatest storm ever known, and was as powerful a character in this comic as the Odinson, The All-Father, the All-Mother and anyone else save Jane herself, who I highly doubt we have seen the last of.

The Mighty Thor is the pinnacle of superhero storytelling. This comic shows that very well and I have to say an Asgardia-sized thank you (before Mangog got a hold of it – when it was big) to this creative team. KRAKAFUCKINGTHOOM, team – you brought the thunder with this run, and this comic. Through the entire series this statement has rung true, so I have to say it one last time:

She be worthy.

The Verdict: 10/10


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